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Quote: Originally Posted by DarkNWorn Looks like a baby SC430 from the front and side. Lexus must be running out of ideas. They had ideas? I thought most of the time they just ripped off designs of other manufacturers.
That episode was pretty awesome!
Terre d'Hermes. Love it.
Quote: Originally Posted by MLIW I like the one where they start tripping on cat pee I cannot sop laughing! Haha yeah it's pretty funny when Cartman tells Kyle about how he has to hide the cats what Kyle would know about it..
By far the best ist "With apologies to Jesse Jackson" Memorable are Make Love, not Warcraft, the one with the Snuke inside Hillary and Satan's Super Sweet Birthday Party (Biggie Smalls, Biggie Smalls, ...)
Read the book as well and found the movie alright. Guess I'll have to watch it again sometime. However, everytime I saw the "old" "kid" I had to think of him as the Tooth Fairy in "Red Dragon". Didn't serve his character in The Reader well
I think it's a good movie and found it quite entertaining. Don't know about #1 though.
Watched it today and liked it a lot! Still, the comments about the younger version of the kid presenting better acting are accurate IMHO.
Looking forward to see Bayern Munich play tonight, hope they do a better job than they did in the league recently.
Not visually disturbing but the end freaks me out everytime I watch it: Arlington Road.
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