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Quote: Originally Posted by yjeezle 100 million dollars every hour? for how many hours? (this commercial started airing on right before the brake failures) you mean, the "brake failures" where people mistook the gas for the brake?
IMO it looks great! hope audi keeps up with the good work they've shown recently
Quote: Originally Posted by holymadness Der Spiegel, Le Monde Diplomatique, Les Temps Modernes (quarterly), the Economist (weekly), City Journal (quarterly). I also read a lot of articles online that are posted via you read it to satisfy your weekly boulevardesque needs? I used to be a big fan of it, but right now I second a person that refers to it as "the former news-magazine"
Quote: Originally Posted by embowafa Marshall Mathers LP +1 Pretty Hate Machine by NIN is also one of my choices.
Quote: Originally Posted by TheIdler I am pretty excited/nervous about tonight. Also, LOL at Mourinho warning the ref about Barca's 'gamesmanship'. seems as if he was right, though.
Good evening, I also have a problem and have not been able to come up with a solution in Excel 2003. My worksheet looks as follows: Store# | Distributer# | .. | Item# | Week | ..... data_a(sales).........data_b(different types of losses) my problem is, that I have identical store#, dist#, item# and week#, and when it comes to data my database reports lists different data b(losses) for an item, but buth time lists the data_a(sales) for the specific week. so when...
Quote: Originally Posted by fairholme_wannabe +1--sensational!! +2
Quote: Originally Posted by hypersonic Some beautiful rooms at Buckingham Palace yet you failed to post any of them. sorry just not my taste. i like the room in the op though
Quote: Originally Posted by HomerJ Colorado Rockies playoff run in 2007 and this year 8th seed Nuggets beat 1st seed Supersonics Broncos first Super Bowl victory USC-Texas and NYG-NE Super Bowl were good too. was gonna name exactly that game. not literally a sports moment, but a dramatic moment in sports.
Michael Schumacher (well, if you consider Formula One a sport) Oscar de la Hoya
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