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If you don't even try, guess what the outcome is guaranteed to be..
creepy sartorial images, anyone?joking aside, exerent shots.
Yeah, good movie, yet f***ing depressing in a way..
If not Steam, maybe blizzard: Diablo II (Lod)!
If not, do it! Great recommendation, fantastic movie!
Thank you very much!
Hey.. I've been lurking around this thread for a while, since I don't have a dog (my parents do though), but I might look into getting one in the future.. I was wondering, which breed this dog is? Can anyone please help me out here? Thanks in advance!
Quote: Originally Posted by audiophilia 7 3 5 9 4 6 1 8 2 +1
Quote: Originally Posted by cross22 Very good idea Matt. I will give you a rather unconventional one "Leaving Microsoft to Change the World". It is a story about a Microsoft executive who quits to advance a cause. The book is not tree-huggy and is in fact a hard core management book despite being an enjoyable read. +1 ! While the elements of the "story" were quite moving, there was indeed a lot to be learned. I found the insights into...
Quote: Originally Posted by gort Last night's premiere was freaking hysterical cracked me up!
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