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Watched the new Bourne a couple of days ago. Was an entertaining introduction for the next to come.
Xx30s are out! Currently typing on a T430, awesome machines, only disappointment (for me) was the transition to 16:9 screen.
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I lived in Indianapolis for a year when I was 16, so I know about the predominance of cars as means of transportation, then again, it has been a while. Thanks for the responses, now I just hope SAS gets me to O'Hare in time for me to get the UA flight.
Thanks a lot! Esp. the traffic part convinced me, as I will be arriving in the late afternoon. Got a ticket for flights back and forth. Thanks again and best regards from Germany!
Hey everybody, in a couple of weeks I'll be visiting the States. I will land at O'Hare and need to get to Indianapolis. Besides renting a car, what are my best options? - Flying: I understand most domestic flights out of Chicago leave from Midway? Is that correct? Is there a connection between O'Hare and Midway that will enable a quick connection? - Train: Amtrak? Anywhere close to O'Hare? Connected to O'Hare? - Bus: Greyhound? Other private companies? Again, close to...
Boston Legal!
Hannibal Thank You for Smoking Michael Clayton The Dark Knight Batman Begins Taken
In "4 hour body" Tim Ferris has a Template for improving the bench press. Can't remember who worked it out for him right now. But it was a systematic approach, starting off with moderate intensity (weight) and high reps (~10) and working your way up. In this template you would work on your bench once a week, and do regular, wide grip and narrow grip bench presses in this session. As to which path is the best - I would think it depends a great deal on where you start off.
If you really don't want people to know where you're applying, you should alter/delete the text. Google easily points you to the company.
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