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might be barbara rittner
Hello everybody.. Being a German in a large company that has no recommendations as to which certificate to obtain, I am left wondering, which one is best regarded in the business community? While I am leaning towards the Cambridge BEC Higher, it is "merely" a C1 in the European reference frame, whereas the Cambridge CPE would be a C2, but without immediate connection to business. Is the difficulty trade-off worth the "specialization"? What other certificates are...
pretty ridiculous. not in a good way.
Thanks for recommending "jiro dreams of sushi" - I liked it a lot, beautiful pictures and interesting insights into the culture..
I just finished watching "The Raid". Entertaining action, but nothing too special
The story was fine, I just found the constant product placement annoying. (IMHO) Skyfall was subtle in comparison..
watched "the island". it was like a giant commercial, so much product placement..
saw "taken 2" last week. while "taken" was plain awesome, "taken 2" was ridiculous in parts.. didn't like it as a sequel..
I watched it and liked it!
(re: arlington road)oh yeah, agreed. while visually harmless, one of the most disturbing endings of the movies i've watched
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