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Hey Homer are you still making these?
I'm looking around at watches and am interested in getting something in rose gold.  I love but 40mm is just too big for my wrist and prefer something around 38 or less.   I was looking at that watch and it seems to fit most of that criteria but I'm not that knowledgable...
thank you very much for the insight.  When i said small i meant a slim fitting shirt, not a size small.  I typically wear a 16-33.  I also just remembered black friday is coming up so that sounds like the perfect time for me to try to find some stuff from BB.  Do they typically do a decent discount on black friday?  I'm from canada so I have no real notion as to the savings. :/   again thank you very much!
anyone have a heads up on where to find some nice oxfords online?  I'm specifically looking for plain pink and light blue with button down collars.  I'm shopping on a budget relatively speaking so something around $50-60 is ideal.  Looking for quality items though (obviously).  Shipping to canada would be necessary.   I've looking around on BB but found nothing and the sale is now over.  Fit is ideally a small but i take everything to the tailors anyways.
Just wondering on what people think about this pair of shoes.  I know they're not the fanciest but for the price point is there something vastly better for me to get?  Just curious if it's possible to assess the quality at all.  I bought a pair of boots there this summer and have been pretty happy with them.
Givin the fall weather I'm looking to upgrade my outerwear.  Right now I'm trying to find a nice pea coat.  Does anyone have any suggestions on nice slim fitting pea coats?  My price range is around $300 give or take a bit.   I'm looking for a more vintage look, not waxed, navy blue, removable lining (preferred but optional) and of reasonably high quality.  I live in canada so if I order it has to be able to ship here.   If anyone could point me in the right...
does the discount apply to items already on sale?  does anyone have a coupon code to share?
I'm sure this is a fairly common question but what labels provide quality shirts for reasonable prices?  (around lets say $65 per shirt)   I'm looking for slim or extra slim fitting shirts.    Thoughts on 5th & Lamar? B&B?   I'm from canada so ideally from a brand is able to ship up here.
hard to tell with that view, a side view would have been great.  pointed shoes are the way to go.  Don't ever bother with a really big toe box unless you need it functionally for your feet.  I think they look great.  I would wear them with a slim pant and maybe roll up the cuff an inch.  Shoe that it's a boot!
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