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True...I've seen some cufflinks in the shape of the blue flower but i feel that they would be too large/ weigh too much.  Earrings could be an interesting take didn't think to look to those.  Im still hoping that someone can find the exact item pictured; just seems easier haha and the picture has grown on me   but great ideas none the less
Can someone tell me where I could find.. the glass blue flower pin that he has in his top button hole? The cotton yellow flower lapel pin is nice but I think the small blue flower pin really makes the shirt pop problem is I just can not find it anywhere....anyone have any Idea   Thanks, Ac
I'm Aaron. Just moved to Asheville for work and now slowly beginning to build a nice wardrobe.  I've been a reader for awhile and finally created my own account. I have been interested in style for awhile, not so much fashion.   Like: Prep & Quality Dislike: Cheap Brand name quality.  
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