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 I asked the first week of September for my toj0 black/black ordered first week of june and he told me 'It's going to be another 2 weeks or so.'Hopefully that's true but its not looking good.
Thinking of copping a toj0 2013. What colour? Don't have much in the gallery :(
Anyone know how the quality of the suede is? Will it handle being an everyday shoe? I'm mainly looking at either the chukka or the tournament high in suede.
Hey Anyone know what the waiting time roughly is at this point of time for either a TOJ0 2013 or Suit MA-1? I'm not sure which one to get!!! They're both so amazing.
Wow. First TOJ leather. Absolutely amazing. The MDR was worth the long wait. Will definitely be back for more. Great job Charley, Drew and everyone else.
Thanks guys!! Its my first toj so I think I'll stick with the lamb.
Hey, What do you think would be better? Black lambskin mdr or black calf mdr?
Hi, I was just wondering how the orders were going now. Have they started on orders after the hiatus yet? I can't wait to get my mdr I ordered at the end of August. The perfect weather for leather is coming in Montreal!!
Not sure on TOJ1 or MDR. I'm kind of worried to buy a jacket without trying it on. Have had some bad experiences online. 
Its great news that you're starting up again! I was thinking about getting the MDR but I'm not too sure about the sizing. Is it possible to send you guys a jacket and then create it based on those specifications?   Thanks
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