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I was surprised by the pic with the quarter mike posted on the clay swatch. That fabric looks more subdued than in the scanned version. Still a bold pattern, obviously, but not as bright overall as I thought. Tough choices this round.
Interesting. I had thought the chessboard would be darker than the birdseye, but they seem to be pretty similar in value from your pics. And the pattern note is interesting as well. They're a similar scale, but I can see how the greater contrast in pattern on the chessboard would call itself out more.   Think I'm leaning toward the subtlety of the birdseye … Really helpful pics - Thanks! 
Picked up the herringbone grey Walts a few months ago and love them. How do the chessboard tweeds compare to the charcoal Birdseye?
Any chance anyone has ordered the mint-rust windowpane MTO jacket? Would love to see some pics. Also considering at the olive micro check.
Happy Hallowhiskey!
Any chance the big fall delivery of Walts will arrive this week?
Sunday shine party
Been trying to catch up on the thread - I'm gathering that both SF and Madison got the PTB's in. Can anyone clarify the edge trim color? Dark or light? I have ravello LWB and an unlined color 8 PTB. Assuming my size exists, I might have to jump.
Cleaning up my Brixtons a bit today.
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