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Can you do that? I thought they did not allow it for US customers after they opened their US website. I'll give it a shot.
Does anyone know any place online where one could buy EG shoes in GBP and have them delivered to the US? The exchange rate looks really nice today after the Brexit news...
I'm looking to buy an alligator leather watch strap similar to the one on this Hamilton watch:     I've searched in the forum and the alligator straps usually recommended are the likes of Hirsch/Hadley Roma, but from what I've seen, those usually have the same brown tone throughout the leather, I'm looking for something more like the one in the picture. I'm willing to spend up to $250 if I find one I really like .
I have one question for you guys.   Does any of you know where I could a plate similar to the one shown here:     I want something similar to that in my room for my wallet/keys/pocket change(not my for my watch). I'm not even sure what material would look like that, is it wood or ceramic?
Thanks again Alex
Thanks for the recommendations guys. I have one last question. If I use mahogany, should I get both, the cream and the wax in mahogany? or should I get anything in neutral?
I have one question for those of you that can do a mirror shine. If I have a brown shoe, could I use neutral color wax(Saphir) to achieve a mirror shine or do I have to get a colored wax? I'm asking this because I would like to try to shine a C&J Chestnut shoe and I don't know if any of the saphir waxes would be a good match for it, since chestnut is kind of reddish.  
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