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Hello,   I wanted to buy a Liverano jacket, but unfortunately they don't do mail ordering. Does anyone know where I could find a proxy in Florence that could help me place an order. I tried using the search function and noticed that the proxy thread has been dead for 6 years...
Thanks for your help!
Thanks for your response. Is it common to size up one full size between F and U? or you're implying that a 39.5 U might also fit properly?
Hello guys,   I'm interested in getting the austerity brogue in the U-last and possibly the old english ii in the F-last, but I need some help picking the right size. These are my sizes for other shoes.     AE 7D US Last 5 = Good fit EG 6.5E UK 888/82 = Perfect from day one. EG 6.5E UK 202 = Decent fit, but with plenty of space in the toe area. EG 6.5D UK 888 = Perfect fit after a couple of wears C&J 6E UK = Slightly big C&J 5.5 UK = Very tight at the beginning,...
could anyone recommend me a good shoe tree to use for the simpsom last? i tried to use the woodlore ones and it stretched my loafers :\
rhanks for the picture, that color looks great.
Patina finish is £100.00 .
I'm looking to buy a couple of versatile shoes this year and I think that a burgundy LWB is very versatile. I did a search on the forum and there was a thread about this topic a couple of year ago, and most seemed to recommend the Alden LWB...     Which looks very nice, and a couple of years ago the Alden was probably the best shoe in it's price range. hat being said, after the Alden price increases and the Euro and GBP depreciation with respect to the USD, a couple...
Thanks for your response Jubei. I know it won't come out exactly the same, I just want something similar, so I think I'll go with Vintage Cherry+Patina.. 
I was told by Nick that this sale only applies to In-Store RTW purchases, and that they may do an online sale in a couple of weeks.
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