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Here some new updates of the Dormeuil Blue Royal now being cut! As you can see in the first picture, the effective color of the fabric changes a lot with different light shades.  
It’s been a while since our last post. As you may imagine we have been very busy with our commissions, our new logo and the new badges for our products, it’s always busy when it comes xmas period. Well, waiting for the rising of the new year, we have prepaired something for a smoking hot Smoking for your unique and special events. This is a real luxurius fabric by Dormeuil “Extrafine  Merino” Collection… something you have to touch and see with your...
Unfortunately our visit to NY has been shifted (possibly at the end of Winter/start of Spring. However, you (and all the others interested) can subscribe to our next event and we will inform you as soon as it will be setted in our agenda. Thank you for your interest.   Quarantanove: I'm sending you a PM with prices right now. Thank You
Women?why not! We usually don’t cut many women garments but sometime we do exceptions. So, here we have create a pied de poule tailleur with a young cut, our house cut wide double breast lapels and more fitted at the waist. We matched the black&white design with a bright rose silk lining on the inside.     more pics: http://muselladembech.wordpress.com/   Thanks!
Quarantanove: only Bespoke (in the first post I wrote "made to measure" because I didn't know the difference - by english terms - between the two words). Thanks
We re working on it, we will be online there soon
Unfortunately our trip will be shifted possibly at the end of Winter/start of Spring due to our amount of work/weather conditions. However we will stay at your disposal for any information (materials, prices) and adhesions for our next trip.    I would like to take this opportunity to express my grief in regards to the difficult moment NYC and you all are passing through. 
Following your requests, and to be clear, we organize fitting tours to your place, send us an e.mail to have more informations in regards to this. We will do our best to reply as soon as we can. G.        
Winter is near and it’s time to put away the summer wardrobe and be ready with style and elegance for the freeze and cold. So, what I’m wearing here is a cachemire paletot with peak lapels (worsted cachemire fabric by Holland & Sherry) over a  dark maroon herringbone wool SB jacket, jeans, dainite sole shoes and Maglia Milano 1854 umbrella with macassar ebony handle, silk scarf by Jim Thompson.     more pictures here: http://muselladembech.wordpress.com/
That is the compromise of being in another "era", where technology and internet graft with our trade ;)
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