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the spalla camicia is very different, also how the sleeve head is sewn. To better understand these things you should have one of our jacket onto your shoulders :) The shoulder is soft and with a little construction allowing the chest and the shoulder to drape and highlight the natural movement of the body.
Thank you. The Milanese shoulder is completely different from the spalla a camicia, that is neapolitan and always without any underconstruction. The construction of the shoulder in our own style is highly complexed because changes by the wearer, by the anatomy of the person. We study and design a pattern for every shoulder, the pressure and depression of the shoulder line like what happens inside a bespoke shoe. Our philosophy is "you can't use the same shoulder on...
Ciao a tutti,   So, I thought it would have been interesting to let you see also the high waist trousers we have made to go with the DB jacket in the sharkskin fabric. So here is it:    
SB w. patched pockets in gray and hazelnut tweed windowpane
Thank you all :)   unbelragazzo: actually all our jacket are cut as I told you before but the body proportions may influence more or less lenghtening of the front or back. The word Paletot is an old term to define all the SB and DB with peak lapels and some other characteristics but as you may know we have a lot of regional differences so there are different type accordingly to that.   thinkderm: the roll is soft not hard as you may imagine. Also, keep in mind...
The Milanese Ulster Paletot – Irish handloomed donegal herringbone (Please note that the first buttonhole was not ready on the reverse side when the photo has been taken)        
Thank you guys, it's a pleasure to share our works with you all. :) Also the old Milanese school method is a little "hided".   Unbelragazzo: yes, the front is cut a little bit longer, but this actually depends on the body anatomy of the customer.
Our “work in progress” Milanese Ulster paletot    Our “work in progress” Milanese Ulster paletot    Some more pics on our web page: muselladembechmilano.com   Thanks for viewing! G.
btromano: I don't think it would be within the forum rules to post prices, but you can send me a pm and I will give you all the prices you need. Thanks
Speak up! Someone told us our lapels have a soul...
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