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Waistcoat 1st fitting  
  Our housecut double breast in blue linen and mother of pearl buttons
    2 ply Minnis french blue fresco
DB works in progress  
here the lovat herringbone jacket completed with horn buttons:
Not that much as one may think, also because this one is a 2 piece fresco and the weaving is less open than, as to say, the 3 piece.
        SB herringbone earth tweed - punishment under the sun with 40 degrees!  
SB unlined + unlined sleeves suit with Minnis fresco  
The shoulder is a little bit angled with a completely different construction, the neapolitan shoulder is very different from ours; it is constructed like a shirt so the shoulder is almost inexistent. Our shoulder is constructed as a shoulder and most importantly on your shoulder, like a second skin for your bones and muscles, it is soft but at the same time it is not a waterfall. But as said previously if you don't put this on you will never understand the difference...
Earth brown herringbone tweed SB with patch pockets, hard to work on this with 40 degrees!  
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