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Thanks to the long experience of my aunt in the bespoke knitwear industry we designed our own polo shirt following our housecut philosophy.  These polo/shirts made of 100% pure baby cachemire in the beautiful shades of Azzurro Celeste, Verde Ottanio, Terra di Siena Bruciata, Grigio Piombo and Sabbia have been designed to be used both with suits, spezzato and the casual wear. Check some of the details, manica a camicia, detailed silk stitching at the armholes and shoulder...
I will take a picture of it too, thank you.
  The Musella Dembech housecut “Paletot con martingala” - vintage herringbone wool and cachemire   
Thank you guys. The Milanese tailoring is much more hidden these days.   At the moment we are not trvelling to the US but if there is enough interest we could organize a bespoke event there. Forex I'm sending you the price list by pm. 
  Agnelli check 3 piece costume
 Did you saw this picture before? Don't get me wrong, but the pockets are very proportionate to the customer anatomy.Sometimes seeing a jacket on a mannequin can be very different on how actually the jacket looks on the customer.
Doppiopetto costume 4x2 in the london lounge linen  
Dear all,   Again this year we will be back in Switzerland, in particular Zurich, Lugano and possibly also to Munich or Frankfurt during the last week of November and first weeks of December to conduct fittings and to take new bespoke commissions. As many of You already know, our housecut is based on the old Milanese tradition mixed with our origins, being my father one of the old and last masters of this method, characterised by a very soft and lightweight but still...
  2-button suit in midnight blue 450 gr. worsted  
    Feeling the weave - Carlo Barbera vintage  
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