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  Our method to fasten braces in the back
      The king of elegance. Rare vintage cotton Solaro – our unlined work with unlined sleeves, patch pockets and the milanese asola maestry
Single three piece costume
    DB paletot in the works
unbelragazzo: the lenght of body and sleeves can be changed in the RTW polo/shirt but not the buttons on the placket, it is a 3 buttons placket.  tchoy: the other yarn colours will be shown in january
Thank you for your feedbacks   Regarding the RTW, the lenght of sleeves or body lenght if required different can be done too.
Dear SKM,   well, cachemire is for sure more fragile than merino but good cachemire is almost the same, there is cachemire and cachemire. Of course the quality of cachemire reflects also the durability and also the color, the brilliancy quality and the warming quality too.   We can do on request the merino wool version, that would not be a problem of course. If you are coming to visit us in January I can provide some samples yarn to show you.   All the...
Thank you!    The prices for the polo shirts are 300 Euro for the RTW and 400 for the bespoke. If you come in Milano you are more than welcome to visit us at our atelier and to check our creations with hand.  
Thanks to the long experience of my aunt in the bespoke knitwear industry we designed our own polo shirt following our housecut philosophy.  These polo/shirts made of 100% pure baby cachemire in the beautiful shades of Azzurro Celeste, Verde Ottanio, Terra di Siena Bruciata, Grigio Piombo and Sabbia have been designed to be used both with suits, spezzato and the casual wear. Check some of the details, manica a camicia, detailed silk stitching at the armholes and shoulder...
I will take a picture of it too, thank you.
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