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Our housecut DB suit in mohair   Check our website for more pictures!
Measurements are something very delicate to deal with, especially when you want to do a very different job like we do.  Our jacket feels like a glove and a very complex work is needed behind it in order to give our work. Our cut is very personal, maybe you like or maybe not but the important to me is its uniqueness. Unique.   [URL=""][/URL]
another of our houstyle DB in mohair pinstripe  
  Vintage cotton solaro - SB suit - few meters left!  
GIORNATE EUROPEE DEI MESTIERI D’ARTE 2014 - Cinque Vie 4-13 APRIL 2014 The international annual event of the European Artistic Crafts Days takes place under the aegis of the Institut National des Mètiers d’Art in Paris. The network of the European cities partecipating in the event includes Milan, Florence, Geneva, London. In Milan, the Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d’Arte promotes and organises a rich calendar of events, in collaboration with various partners,...
Today I want to show you our DB waistcoat, this is just a first fitting but you can see something already  
Today I want to show you what we are offering for the spring/summer season; in fact our cachemire polo/shirt will be available in new colorations and also available with short sleeves. This will be available soon also in wool/cotton/linen mix for the warmer days of summer:
Thank you David! Now that is almost finished, I will show you it next time. Usually the most classical raglan has a different collar, but I like this type, it's just something different.  We will put horn buttons on it and when it's ironed you will see the result ;)
        our raglan is almost ready...
Really??Never seen in all my life though! :) However we use them on our high rise trousers because the two loops are more elastic and they don't cause any defects in the back.
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