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Nice thread :)   I agree with waxing laces, that can be done also with beeswax (this one is softer than candle stick and also leave the laces to a good movement). Also, beeswax can be sofly brush on the sole to mantein the fibre and wear less.   About the suits, you should avoid to send them to a cleaner (dry cleaner or not). I suggest you to have more than two or three suits and to choose proper weight fabrics for every seasons. Also avoid the brushing on a...
how many ply your Fresco fabric is?also how many metres?it seems a good metrage to be used for a suit. I have a beautiful blue Fresco here for one of my customers. This one is a 3 ply Fresco, very used by Caraceni from 50s on..one of their favs. In september when I will start working it I will show you something if you desire. :)
I think few salesmen do their job correctly, but sometimes as said, they want to sell you what they sell less (or they will have lot of suits and jackets in the keeping room). Also alterations are sometimes a problem for them summed up by three things: 1) they prefer to don't do alterations because if they don't have a tailor to do a proper job and you are not satisfied with the final fit, they will do alterations more and more again (time/tailor expense vs effective...
Some fresh new tweeds arrived recently. These are special hand loomed tweeds and are made of shetland wool and cashmere or vicuna or silk, the quality is top notch here! Which one do you prefer?hmmm...    
Incotex has a nice quality chino (actually the one I saw are cotton and linen called chinolino), otherway if you are searching for a classic with a good cotton quality go at Brooks Brothers.    Other thing is an hand-mesured made chino, different thing I know, the costs are different but the product is there.
here the update: worked the sleeves and they are almost ready to fit! :)  
Nice, I like this tie, will wait for the others to be matched :)
Here some shoots after we started last saturday a new dark blue velvet jacket:        Do you like it? Tomorrow will post more pics, keep reading! :)
What kind of shopping are you planning? If you pass by Milano and you want to make a made-to-measure suit or jacket, don't forget to pay a visit to our Atelier:  http://sartoriaitalianagm.wordpress.com/  
Ciao a tutti,   Sixty-two years have been passed since my father at the age of 9, started his apprenticeship by the old Napoletan master tailors in Caserta. Then some years later in Milano, working with Colavito, heir of the milanese school of Cesare Tosi's, and for many years after the great and most important Sartoria Caraceni made him the so called “Sarto Finito”. During many years of experience apprenticeships with master tailors, he would learn their secrets and...
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