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Winter is near and it’s time to put away the summer wardrobe and be ready with style and elegance for the freeze and cold. So, what I’m wearing here is a cachemire paletot with peak lapels (worsted cachemire fabric by Holland & Sherry) over a  dark maroon herringbone wool SB jacket, jeans, dainite sole shoes and Maglia Milano 1854 umbrella with macassar ebony handle, silk scarf by Jim Thompson.     more pictures here: http://muselladembech.wordpress.com/
That is the compromise of being in another "era", where technology and internet graft with our trade ;)
Here my work table, where I cut, design and stitch for most part of the day. You can see in the right part a piece of a pied de poule I’m working on.        
A little explanation on the jacket above: This knickerbocker SB have been done appositely with narrower lapels to allow a better closing of the all jacket, achieving and a more "english" country style and resulting to be a different style from our usual. Our usual own style regarding lapels (single or double) is wide (something like > 10 cms), we like and it is in our tradition to make wide lapels.
Knickerbocker enthusiasts? Ok here we have made a special jacket: this is a single breast jacket in a light sand knickerbocker made for the autumn/winter season. This jacket has been designed with some more details like the collar button to allow you to close all the jacket from the down button to the collar for those freeezy days. The back of the collar is matched with a contrast azure back check. To finish, woven leather buttons and violet purple silk...
a suit is not a carpet...you don't need to brush it (I'm talking mainly about Bespoke suits not readymade). Brushing is a bad habit resulting in a movement of the fabric's fibers (maybe you can brush a stiffer fabric like velvet) that will enlarge, lenghten or move in other ways the fibers..if you use a coversheet you don't need to brush the suit. try to trust this.
anything...I don't know how you keep them (smoking or not smoking, cats, dogs...) but all the suits I have made for myself are just covered. Just be sure to put a cover on them and a very good hanger (possibly with a large shoulder) anything else. Brushes are made for shoes not for suits ;)
right said chogall BUT you don't have to stuck with your iron :D what I mean is, if your iron is lightweight (all products around are very light except those for tailor use) you should put a medium pressure but not so hard.. you have to pay attention that if you keep the iron in the same position, you will mark the pant with the iron's form...just give very small movements (1 centimeters around the area) to avoid this. 
Philip II...black beauty
Please understand that I'm not trying to get you as one of my customer, but our aim is also to educate the personal style. If you are happy with it, then continue that way.  By the way "drape" is in italian "taglio" or "linea" ;)
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