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Please understand that I'm not trying to get you as one of my customer, but our aim is also to educate the personal style. If you are happy with it, then continue that way.  By the way "drape" is in italian "taglio" or "linea" ;)
"I have a long neck so I need a high collar. Low collars look terrible on me. They did a nice job with that collar, and indeed with all my collars. The tailor was Solito."   This sounds like a new rule to me: usually we don't set collars so high because a person has a long neck. Low collars are bad either, there are right measurements for every person's body. You have to know how to proportionate these things. Proportions are the main point in making a great...
Manton: I don't know exactly how to explain that to you (sorry but english is not my primary language). What I'm saying is that the collar has been setted too high and, also if it grips to your neck without any problems, this doesn't mean that the collar is right: that is not a regional style. Rubinacci for example is from the same region but the difference is there, you can notice this difference. I don't want to criticise your jacket, I don't know who made it,...
Like a lot the monks...do they make them also in black?
Carmina makes some beautiful shoes, like them 
  I don't like this...the collar is badly setted, too high (backward), and those lapels should be further down. The lapels result as beeing to wide, but actually that is not wideness but how it is badly setted. Instead I like how you matched the shirt and the tie. 
Milano is fantastic but it is a hidden city, you need to know where to go to understand it. Many people come here for shopping and fashion, but that is only a part of the city. The old historical centre is fabolous with its own little narrow streets..
Oh my...glue?!? :D 
I would say very tight...sleeves are horrible...you better change it.
maybe the phone number is better...+39 02 76008012
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