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Carmina makes some beautiful shoes, like them 
  I don't like this...the collar is badly setted, too high (backward), and those lapels should be further down. The lapels result as beeing to wide, but actually that is not wideness but how it is badly setted. Instead I like how you matched the shirt and the tie. 
Milano is fantastic but it is a hidden city, you need to know where to go to understand it. Many people come here for shopping and fashion, but that is only a part of the city. The old historical centre is fabolous with its own little narrow streets..
Oh my...glue?!? :D 
I would say very tight...sleeves are horrible...you better change it.
maybe the phone number is better...+39 02 76008012
If you pass by Milano in Italy, we can do that for you ;)
Thanks! Yes, you don't see many of these around..
Yes, these are a limited edition Tanino Crisci shoes in the Cognac last...I love them!
  understood but not my cup of tea...may I ask you how do you match them?
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