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I will not spend many other words because really what I already wrote what I had to say. However, just by looking at your suit, made by us, everyone would say we are far, stars and universes, from what all the others do and you could see our suit from thousand feets away.Mentioning some of our carachteristics (small armhole, full sleeve and all the others - made in the way we do it, where these things make sense) were just to say that our jacket is the union of many many...
  Sometimes it is better not to be able to read nor to understand english so you would avoid replying.And, I know, a good business is made of both good and bad talking about you, so here it goes.I'll permit myself to respond to this quotes made by an unaquainted who clearly demonstrate to be stucked on his own ideals.  First of all, you should had consider that the "young symposium" have been made of one part of young tailors without a background, young  people that...
Thank you, very apprecciated :)
  Dear followers, We are pleased to announce a shortfilm about us, a collaboration with Kia automotive, ilsole24ore and Fondazione Cologni. Follow the link and start to share! Many thanks, The Musella Dembech team
Thank you bwooster, people use to call our lapel rolls "reversable" because you can either button to the first or to the second couple of buttons, rolling both to the first or the last but always with a roll
2 buttons suit in blue gabardine  
Please send us an email and I will be glad to respond to you with the size you need and measurements. 
RTW in 100% baby cashmere at 300 Euros, 250 in merino wool
 Pretty :)
  Polo shirt in baby cashmire - Mediterranean blue
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