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Thank you, very apprecciated :)
  Dear followers, We are pleased to announce a shortfilm about us, a collaboration with Kia automotive, ilsole24ore and Fondazione Cologni. Follow the link and start to share! http://www.ilsole24ore.com/st/made4perfectionist/video_musella.html Many thanks, The Musella Dembech team
Thank you bwooster, people use to call our lapel rolls "reversable" because you can either button to the first or to the second couple of buttons, rolling both to the first or the last but always with a roll
2 buttons suit in blue gabardine  
Please send us an email and I will be glad to respond to you with the size you need and measurements. 
RTW in 100% baby cashmere at 300 Euros, 250 in merino wool
 Pretty :)
  Polo shirt in baby cashmire - Mediterranean blue
  Light gray square on navy to match with a light gray flannel trousers 
  DB waistcoat in vintage azure linen with our patch pockets in the works
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