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 Like that a lot, where did you cop from?
 Do they fit like the Type D?   Maybe everyone knows about this already but I haven't seen it posted before.  Retail prices are high but they have a nice selection (including sepia denim.)
RSVP Gallery has a the 5 year fade and off-white.
New denim looks great!  I'm hoping the skinnies (01s) fit like the Type-D so I can move up to the 02s and actually have thigh space.
Can anyone comment on the fit of the denim puffer?  The 46 zip-blazer from aw14 fits snug on me (especially in the arms), and I'm usually a 46-48 in his outerwear.
 If I had known you guys had hit sale yet (I've been checking occasionally... waiting...) I probably would have made another purchase (and I might still.)  Model shots would be helpful.  I was hoping to see the puffer jacket in action but it was hard to find fit pics with it, especially since the photos at the Geller show make it look goofy, so I didn't pick it up.
I'm between a 46 and 48 and I really like the fit on the 48.  The sleeve length might bother you but though, they're pretty long.  I don't mind them though.  Haven't tried the 46 but feel like it would be too fitted for me.
No idea what condition this thing is in but maybe someone should cop:
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