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How do the graphic tees fit compared to an American Apparel Tee of the same size?
Machus has a few new things - including random dot shirt.
Are you talking about the olive khaki one? I picked mine up at Anture, its a bit cheaper than elsewhere so it makes up for the shipping costs... Maas sold out of 46 before they put em online.
On second thought I would agree with kubrik. The waist on mine has stretched a bit. I was more concerned about thigh stretch.
They don't stretch much more (if at all) than the fabric is supposed to in my experience. Even after a lot of wear.*I should note this is for the type d with 5% polyurethane.
Conrad came in 2 sizes... I want to say there was a 57 and a 59.
New cops @ Acrimony. Dip-dye included.
I can say that they won't stretch much in the sense that raw denim stretches... How they fit when you try them on will be how they fit after many wears. I don't know about washing them though.
Just copped the Conrad hat... Hope I'm not too late!! This should be a fun experiment.
I really like the Conrad hat but I never seen them worn IRL or even waywts... Are hats like these just hard to style well? I've also never worn a hat of any type in my life but maybe for a hundred bux I can afford to play around... Any thoughts?
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