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Haha I need to work on my product descriptions.  It's actually black in color (the ribbing is charcoal though), and I don't think it's from AW13 (I just purchased it last fall.)  I did see a runway pic of it but it's definitely from an older season.  I'd say the most defining feature of it is it's thickness/warmness.
The same thing is happening to mine, I just thought I was rough on it.  I've worn mine WAY more than 10 times though, and in situations that were probably pretty stressful on it.
Yeah that was me! So glad the weather was cool enough for a jacket. Bangin set too!
 Hey : )  I know how you feel dude, I had to proxy from Japan as M&S was sold out.
 I don't think they're quite as large.  I wear 48 for skinny denim, 46 for richard (and the fit is great), and honestly I think I would like a 44 in the FW13 flight pant (but I have a 46.) *I haven't actually tried the 44 flight pant though.
 I can get on this train.  Second favorite Geller cop this season after the khaki tencel bomber.
There are no 1 star reviews of M&S on yelp.
How do the graphic tees fit compared to an American Apparel Tee of the same size?
Machus has a few new things - including random dot shirt.
Are you talking about the olive khaki one? I picked mine up at Anture, its a bit cheaper than elsewhere so it makes up for the shipping costs... Maas sold out of 46 before they put em online.
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