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 you are welcome   with a bit of something like YY literacy we might have to listen to what he said about the relationship to integral in the recent wwd interview. now it's not he that can decide on the day he quits, in the first place. the days he was able to behave according primarily to the bigaku* engraved on his heart are long gone. so, as long as there is some demand around, which is really a fortunate thing, he may have more opportunities to offer what customers...
 that one, maybe 003, is femme. though seems like most of the styles/ishinomori designs have both mens and womens version.     for example   mens     womens is a tunic length hoody
 this is one of the stores that were to sell yohji jeans.   and I asked them for you if they already received the delivery. but apparently they don't know at all what I'm talking about.   so I checked a little more to find the project itself has been brought to a halt. they have not announced the fact yet because at the moment no one knows if the project will come to nothing or start over.
that edwin/yohji thing is for eur and us markets only, at first. they have a plan to sell it in asia too eventually though.
ya-gou =  house name or team name.  ( ya / 屋 is house or something like roof, umbrella. gou / 号 is sort of a suffix that indicates the word placed just before it is a name ) maybe it feels most natural to use yagou instead of his own name.     typical look of yagou       his yagou
the pic reminds me of a backstage fight yohji had with john lurie 20 years ago. the pieces on the beijing runway done under the name of Y's were all original and oneoffs meant to be sold at that auction that they held a few days later. sort of variations of the F/W 08 YY femme pieces. he wanted to use yagou / 屋号 ( that is Y's ) for his "main" line show, which he had not been able to back in paris. yagou sounds way cooler for him.
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