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Code:I certainly hope they won't be open at 3am, shoe store employees should not have to work these kind of hours to serve us customers. If AE is making employees work at 3am, shame on them - they should be allocating the extra hours towards factory QC instead. This whole Black Friday store hour thing has become completley asinine, just like the customers that demand to shop these hours...
I am still waiting on my burgundy Daltons. I received my black pair, but had to send them back to have a new pair made, so the wait begins again. The brogueing was not properly punched out and the leather was terribly marred on both shoes. While I get annoyed at some of the quality issues at AE, their customer service is second to none, try giving them a ring.
An ascot and a handgun.
It looks like the price of the shell cordovan Daltons went up; they are now $700 as opposed to the $600 of the other shell offerings. Is this due to the extra leather needed? I was told this might happen, so I am glad I got my orders in.
I am fond of working buttonholes as they let one roll up the sleeves of a jacket. This serves me quite well during tough late night M&A negotiations - slowly unbuttoning and rolling up one's sleeves looks the bit and psychologically impacts your adversaries. Just make sure the jacket is cut with enough fabric to allow this.
The vest as a whole is cut wrong - the pattern is upside down!   *edit - too late, already answered
  The mark on the side would not bother me as it will seemingly happen anyway; that very visible crease on the toe is another matter though. The boot will never naturally crease at that part of the toe cap and thus, that defect will never blend in - it also just happens to be on the most visible part of the boot. My opinion is that you should post them back, especially as these cordovan models cost $600. One of the reasons I continue to spend my money with Allen Edmonds...
I am looking to purchase a couple Canali Kei jackets in size 54l. Preferably nothing brown. PM me, please.
If you work in at an ad agency, chances are the accounts people will be hard to surpass in regards to being well-dressed.
You're welcome.If the 2-222 last does not fit and you are after a sleeker looking shoe, try the 3-333 lasted styles. I intended to buy a pair of Rutledges because I liked the shape, but could not get a good fit - I found it to be too roomy.I would definitely recommend you make the trip to an AE store to try on the 2-222. I think if you call ahead they can order in some sizes they might not ordinarily carry, should you need. Good luck and hopefully it fits. Also, feel free...
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