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Hi, Bought this sports coat from tj maxx for 100$. Good? Bad? Ugly? Versatile? The fit is good in the body, sleeves needs to be shortened. 100% wool outer shell and 100% cotton body lining. Very warm and could be worn as a big sweater, and a jacket on cold fall days. Keep or return?
hello, not sure if this is the right thread but quick question regarding fit. Which one fits better in the body? (sleeves and pants are obv going to be tailored). Thanks and happy holidays!       
picked these up at marshalls for $40... really love wingtips to wear even casually, and these were pretty comfortable.    do you think they are casual enough for jeans? what about khakis? (like, actual khaki colored chinos). finally, I have a pair of slim dark green chinos, is the matching too much? (Green pants + green shoes).   cheers
Hi,    I did a search but couldn't find a whole lot of discussion regarding this topic.   How is the fit of the blazers? compare to places like h&m, uniqlo, express and jcrew? I tried on a 34R from H&M and it fit fairly well OTR, as did the 36R photographer suit jacket from Express. I'm 5'5 and 110 so I need something slim, and I am no where near any stores but I like some of their casual blazers. Any comparisons? or do they have certain lines that are slim cut?...
I don't think there is a right vs wrong... it could be for comfort (physical or psychological), hygiene, personal preference. Personally, I sometimes do and I sometimes don't. Though my primary reason for wearing them is to add an extra layer for warmth when a sweater over my shirt isn't quite enough. I get cold easily.    I think as long as we all agree that they should never ever show, then we are all on the same page.    This is like arguing between briefs or...
semi casual boots? like chukkas? I think loafers are ok depending on what type it is. you can find some casual looking loafers, or sperry topsiders. 
any comparisons of the slim shirts at Uniqlo compared to fitted or extra slim shirts at Express?    I have a few regular shirts from Uniqlo and I had to get it darted a little in the waist, jw if the slim fit are good to go   thanks!
solid beater watch for cheap.   
Hi, I'm looking for slim (2'0'' to 3'0'') slim ties. Preferable cotton or wool, but silk is ok. Looking for used ties for cheap, lots are even better. Classic styles or solids. 
Like new, very good condition.
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