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Hi everyone, for sale is a Acne blazer in a sharkskin charcoal grey color. I bought this off another user but the sizing didn't work so I'm relisting it here so someone else will get better use of it.    It's a well constructed jacket, 100% wool, and fits impeccably, as you'd expect from Acne.    Looking for $150     130   Send me a message if you have any questions!
Hi, For whatever reason, I haven't been able to send people emails for the referral program. They aren't receiving it, and weren't able to find it in their junk mail box. Just wondering if you could look into that. 
Hey just wondering if you ever set up downtown to take measurements for shirts? 
Wow I ebayed a pair of those royal imperials in shell as well, how'd you get such a great shine on them?
^Yeah I just tried it on both the US and Canadian site, and it only works on the US site.
Yeah the top button on my tweed west points popped off within a week. Had to sew it back on myself. Fits perfectly fine too. 
Thes boots have been sitting around in my closet since last March, so I thought its time for them to move and and actually appreciate them.These shoes are gorgeous and I catch myself admiring them on my shoe rack.    These shoes go for 499 new on J Crew's website:   I am looking for 375, send me an email if...
Hi, for sale is a pair of Allen Edmonds Nathan burgundy captoes in a 8.5D. They have been worn for about a year and a half sparingly. This style is essentially the 5th avenue in a burgundy colour. It is on the #8 last, which is similar to the #5 last. Shoes are in good condition, with the leather  diligently conditioned over its lifetime, and always stored with shoe trees.    Im looking for 120 USD plus shipping     Let me know if you have any other questions
Cool, yeah in retrospect the comparison makes little sense. Im usually a 31 in most things, so a 30 should probably be OK. was your pair of 34's large to begin with, or did they stretch enough with use?
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