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SOTD Amouage Opus VII.  Love this stuff, but what truly is fragrance love.  I suppose you define what fragrances you love by which ones you'll refill as soon as its finished.  I can say bottles I'll always keep on deck are Amouage Epic Man and CDG Hinoki.  I saw my Hinoki was almost drained this morning and it made me sad.  Granted, I wear Hinoki more at home lounging around than I do in public.  It's my personal pleasure to wear it.
My garment bags and proper luggage are all Tumi and I am 100% pleased in terms of quality and appearance.  I'm looking for something a bit more fashionable and fun for weekend travel and everyday use. I'm particularly looking for a nice wallet, passport holder and a duffle bag from either of the two brands.   Lately, I've been fascinated by the extreme and became intrigued with the brand Goyard, but I can't speak to the quality of their items.  I suspect it's top notch,...
Anyone seen the new Omega Mark II up close?  Looks beautiful in pics...
 Isn't the apron limited edition?  I suppose if you had a team of painters you'd supply them with nothing put the best in selvedge denim aprons.
Every painter I've ever known wears an apron  
did Breitling even make a showing at Baselworld 2014?    haven't seen anything worth noting from them since the updated Transocean.
SOTD.. Terre d'Hermès ... I love this fragrance, more and more.  Wish it had better sillage though.
Anyone got experience with getting RRL chino's tailored?  I got a pair of Clyde trousers recently.  The issue is the thigh area is sized properly but the waist is huge.  I dropped them off at the tailor and I'm a bit nervous.  The guy has done a great job with hemming my previous chinos, but now worried about getting the waist taken in - he also mentioned something about taking "some in, in the crotch area"... ?!?  also, charged me extra to resew the waistband adjustment...
 Not sure about this one.  I'm sure it's a nice jacket and great quality, but I'd really have to compare it to a "new" old Army field jacket with the "battle dress uniform" BDU - summer pattern.  This jacket is basically a homage to the 1990s Army field jacket, but about 10 x's the price.  I wanted this jacket at one point, tried to purchase it with the 65% discount and now glad that the order got cancelled.  Even at 65% off its still a steep price.  It just doesn't pop...
Seriously ROLEX ?!?  New Pepsi GMT in white gold only... WTF?  For the price (est. $41K USD), I'd look at the Patek Philippe Nautilus Travel Time Chronograph 5990/1A Watch In Steel.
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