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 Isn't the apron limited edition?  I suppose if you had a team of painters you'd supply them with nothing put the best in selvedge denim aprons.
Every painter I've ever known wears an apron  
did Breitling even make a showing at Baselworld 2014?    haven't seen anything worth noting from them since the updated Transocean.
SOTD.. Terre d'Hermès ... I love this fragrance, more and more.  Wish it had better sillage though.
Anyone got experience with getting RRL chino's tailored?  I got a pair of Clyde trousers recently.  The issue is the thigh area is sized properly but the waist is huge.  I dropped them off at the tailor and I'm a bit nervous.  The guy has done a great job with hemming my previous chinos, but now worried about getting the waist taken in - he also mentioned something about taking "some in, in the crotch area"... ?!?  also, charged me extra to resew the waistband adjustment...
 Not sure about this one.  I'm sure it's a nice jacket and great quality, but I'd really have to compare it to a "new" old Army field jacket with the "battle dress uniform" BDU - summer pattern.  This jacket is basically a homage to the 1990s Army field jacket, but about 10 x's the price.  I wanted this jacket at one point, tried to purchase it with the 65% discount and now glad that the order got cancelled.  Even at 65% off its still a steep price.  It just doesn't pop...
Seriously ROLEX ?!?  New Pepsi GMT in white gold only... WTF?  For the price (est. $41K USD), I'd look at the Patek Philippe Nautilus Travel Time Chronograph 5990/1A Watch In Steel.
RRL Chino (rigid) one last thing, noticing the crotch bulge in their chino's too.  great fit, my wife loves the look of them on me.  I love the look too, the quality is excellent.  I just can't figure out why the waist sizing is the way it is.  Biggest gripes waist size and crotch bulge.
I'm still not sure about this.  The thigh area in my opinion is perfectly sized.  The waist is a bit bigger.  I may consider getting the waist tailored.  I just purchased a pair of indigo chino's with a waist adjustment strap in the back.  The waist strap does sort of make the back look a bit bundled and weird.  Taking these to a professional tailor to get an opinion.  If anyone has gotten the waist taken in an inch or two let me know how it turned out.
 can't say.. had my pair for 3 months, never washed.  waist is a bit bigger than expect, thigh's are perfect.  thigh area pretty form fitting.  if i purchased them again i'd get the same size.  i wear these paints pretty regularly around the house.
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