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 Wow. And only $15,200. But you do get free shipping.  
^I follow the seller protection rules, so I ship Priority Mail International:   Use a shipping method that provides tracking information and/or valid delivery confirmation to the address in the PayPal transaction details or eBay order details page.   Then eBay will cover me if there's a problem, but I've never had a problem, so far. 
 What txwoodworker said. If you're planning to list items BIN, it's worth the investment.
 I got one or two image warnings on old listings, but I ignored them and now they've gone away.
 I can tell from your description they are really gonna miss you the moment you walk out the door. I wish you the best of luck.
^Looks a lot like Gruppo GFT to me. They're a contract manufacturer, and they made a lot of Armani Mani products, among other things.
 Don't stress, it will come. I find that probably 60% of my buyers bother to leave feedback. Just keep selling and you'll get there.
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