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Thanks Carl. Yeah the Rider's company are well regarded here,my only concern is the toe shape.Those Cheaney's look good. I have 2 pairs of Cheaney shoes (Baldwin and Hudson) so I really rate Cheaney, but I wouldn't mind a 'step up' and trying a new company, and theres something I don't like about the elastic on those Chelsea's.
Hi guys, I have just read this entire thread and am loving the boots Ive seen.    As a result the other day I bought a pair of C&J Northcotes and am very impressed (with the look, colour and fit).   Other boots I own are a couple of Loakes, Wolve 1k's, Redwing Beckmans and Wolve Montagues.   I am looking for a pair of black Chelseas to wear with dark jeans, and moderately dressy/ sleek with rounded toes.  I have been looking at 2 pairs: - Herring Wilson/ Cheaney...
Thanks for the info here and email on the Slubby and Brembana Chambrays Luxire! I also think the Slubby is an excellent fabric, am so happy with the shirt.  Luxire I have a suggestion regarding your website logo. I don't mind the addition of 'For Men' underneath 'Luxire', but think the spacing could perhaps be better as it is very small and very close to looking like one word from where I am ('Formen').
Does anyone own both the 'Navy Chambray by Brembana' and 'Blue Denim Slubby Chambray?' (,   Im interested in how different they are to each other, as I own the Slubby Chambray and have been very keen on the Brembana for ages ...but the Brembana, with premium MOPs, will come to approx $230 AUD! :(
For me that would be good/ ideal for a coat in Melbourne (ie I'd barely want to go much thicker).- I have a Luxire 14oz wool peacoat which is lined, and on the coldest nights I would also layer this and then Id be 100% fine.- The wool/ blend coats you see on the racks in most stores would only be 12-14oz thickness for example.- I considered a 25oz Dugdale, and in hindsight I would definitely order this fabric, but I would be prepared for the fact that I could barely layer...
 That's 'Cotton-Linen: Navy' ('s easily a favourite, as well as Blue Denim Slubby Chambray and Blue Chambray Linen (2nd and 3rd pictured).
Hard for me to do these buttons justice, but buttons are:- Premium Grey-Thin (2), Premium MOP (2), Thin MOP, MOP (standard)  [[SPOILER]]
The 'Premium' (Grey and MOP) buttons are so nice Luxire I'll be getting them for every shirt.
Great sale Luxire. I've got a few linens now guys and I highly recommend - Cotton Linen Navy ( - Blue Chambray Linen (, which appears to be sold out though
It cost me $100. It really is beautifully made.
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