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 Wouldn't mind a large pic of those , but seriously they look great!Im definitely interested in the exact same style and colour for a summer loafer, and have some concerns about loafer fitting, good to hear you've had no such issues... What are the soles and heel like? ie stiff leather like an english style?
Great feeling to have a Luxire order in the making  (especially after 11 long months)     add Grey premium MOP buttons    http://custom.luxire.com/collections/dress-shirts/products/summe-midnight-grey-end-on-end   http://custom.luxire.com/products/cotton-linen-navy
I specified 'back of waist minus....' (1.5") after my first order.Id ask Luxire if you want to your order to be 100% clear (on what you want).
Im looking at a couple dark blue fabrics for summer/ lighter material shirts, anyone have any thoughts on these fabrics or alternatives?   http://custom.luxire.com/products/cotton-linen-navy   http://custom.luxire.com/collections/dress-shirts/products/summe-midnight-grey-end-on-end
What's been suggested is that a shirt tailored/ MTM in person (and not walking out the door until it is perfect) should cost you around $200. Big difference between online and in-person MTM...
I would consider putting on your best fitting shirt, taking a series of pics and send to Luxire in an email, requesting their opinion on changes. Then send the shirt in.  Or, rather than spend $60+ on a shirt that you might not wear/ will need serious alterations, just get a local tailored shirt for >$200 and then send that to Luxire and order a dozen more at a great price, with perfect fit dialed-in.
Any thoughts on a Dark Olive Green woolen overcoat? I saw one last night and the colour was so nice, and the style exactly what I want, so Im thinking it'll be my next coat if availability is there. Mix between these colours  [[SPOILER]]  And similar to this style  [[SPOILER]]   ...what I saw last night I think was wool, but not 100% sure. Don't know what else it could have been(?)
/\ /\   FWIW I dont get directed to that page Luxire.
 Hey Lachyzee, any impressions on your coat for Melbourne's temps so far? Also happy with fit and construction? ... My coat is quite short for a peacoat (which Im happy about), but am already thinking about a longer/ classic peacoat in a grey herringbone or something.
 I am not very keen on this Luxire, as I don't get charged duty.The 'free delivery on order over $100' is quite a huge draw for me, and actually encourages me to get more than one item/ or spend more than $100; meaning 2 shirts for $140 (or a better quality fabric on one shirt) rather than one shirt and delivery for $110 etc etc
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