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 You're gonna love that thing; I wear mine all the time! Also in case anybody missed this, it looks like the Ash Irish Linen Walts are on sale here but not on the sale page.
  Is that the exploded rust check? Looked a lot more orange in the fabric swatch.
  Epaulet Red Gingham Seersucker  Alden for Epaulet Innsbruck Indy 
  I've had a jacket taken in and sleeves shortened at the shoulder with great results by Eduardo at Allen Tailoring. I decided to give Pablo at Stanton a try today and took a factory finds jacket to him. He quoted a week turnaround time to take it in and shorten the sleeves. He praised the quality of Epaulet stuff although mentioned that Epaulet customers are very particular about their alteration requests... Stopped by the store and picked up the single-breasted Veneto...
That steel mist...
 My build is very similar to yours. I'm 6'1", 170lbs and usually wear a medium in Epaulet shirts but go with a 40R in sportcoats because my shoulders are a bit wide. I have some sportcoats in 39R from the factory finds that fit me well too although the lapels bow ever so slightly. I went with the 38 in the Spiewak. I tried the 36 as well last year and it felt too small around my torso.
  Did you go down half a size on these relative to your 2030 last size? I'm on the same boat as you regarding retiring my Indys. Ever since I picked up one of the 3sixteen boots, I barely touch my Aldens any more!
  So nice. How does the Detroit last fit?
    Fantastic tone and texture. I told myself I wouldn't buy any fall trousers until September but I might have to break my own promise. Are you guys still planning on doing a light grey/dove colored flannel?
    There's one left in my size at Epaulet that I have been staring at forever because I'm not quite sure whether I love it or hate it. Is the scotchgrain as orange as it looks in this picture?
New Posts  All Forums: