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 Nice, they look quite a bit lighter than the pictures on the Epaulet site. Did you burnish the toe cap?
 I just tried it and my fingers are crossed. Thanks for pointing this out!
 Count me in for that one. It's a beauty: 
   Thanks for pointing this out. I picked one up! SNS sizing gives me night sweats so I used measurements from Mr Porter to make sure L would work.
Price drops at Gentry.   Selection is not great but they have full size runs in a couple things.
 I love the chromepak. I've scuffed mine quite a bit and just normal walking seems to remove the scuffs as oil gets squeezed to the surface of the leather in true pull-up leather fashion.   Here you go (although this is some serious wear): Viberg Service Boots – 18 months
 B. Nelson/VIP Shoe Restorers?
Code worked for me in the US. In for a Bordeaux and Navy blue mix!
How does the 2040 last fit compared to the 2030 and 110? Do you size up half like for the 2030 or do you stick to your 110 size?   With the higher toebox on the 2040, I'm assuming go with your 110 size.
  Thanks for the info. This makes me sad that the 8.5 sold out so quickly in both wax flesh country boots on the Viberg site.
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