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Anybody actually able to order and get a confirmation email? I had them at checkout too and they disappeared.
 The oxblood has grey mixed in with red while the bordeaux is more of a typical reddish-brown maroon. I'd say the oxblood is a bit more interesting.
  So this is real kudu leather and not the fake stuff Alden calls kudu? Also, nice photoshop job!
   Here they are. Icy Mocha Scout Boot:    [[SPOILER]]
 Nice, they look quite a bit lighter than the pictures on the Epaulet site. Did you burnish the toe cap?
 I just tried it and my fingers are crossed. Thanks for pointing this out!
 Count me in for that one. It's a beauty: 
   Thanks for pointing this out. I picked one up! SNS sizing gives me night sweats so I used measurements from Mr Porter to make sure L would work.
Price drops at Gentry.   Selection is not great but they have full size runs in a couple things.
 I love the chromepak. I've scuffed mine quite a bit and just normal walking seems to remove the scuffs as oil gets squeezed to the surface of the leather in true pull-up leather fashion.   Here you go (although this is some serious wear): Viberg Service Boots – 18 months
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