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Are all the prices on your bigcartel site in USD or CAD?
  I've heard real thunder longer than those were up on the site.
 Thanks for the heads up! Picked up a Stark in the silicium noise mix.
  Here's the color 8 shell boot with the short toe caps.
  Good looking boot, but has anyone else noticed that the toe caps on the recent shell service boots (Leffot's color 8 and this one; I can't remember noticing on the navy) have been a bit shorter than usual? Here's an older color 8 version with more normal looking caps:   It seems to me the old caps covered about 2/3 of the vamp between the end of toe and the quarters. On the newer ones it only covers a little less than half the same space. I think it throws the...
    Nice find/grab! Looks like the Starks were removed from the site now.
 Wouldn't a tailor just take it in at the side seams or the center seam if he's a lazy one? I'm not sure why you'd want to add darts.
 This is a great feature! Looking at that page, I'm wondering if there was ever a part 3 after that lasting and soling thread. 
Anybody actually able to order and get a confirmation email? I had them at checkout too and they disappeared.
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