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Is there a special section for this? Can't seem to get this to work.
Is anyone at the Epaulet sample sale in NYC today? Any indication on the price of stuff?
I actually think it could be Boxing Day. As per other comments, the sale is usually in full swing by now so there's no telling...EDIT: Looks like the "private sale" has started – the Mr. Porter Bot just posted in the official sales thread. I don't think it's an actual bot though...
According to the Mr. Porter Twitter account, it's "soon".
When the recent sale hit its final stretch with the 80% drop, I noticed a lot of the items from the June/July sale of 2014 popping up in the catalogue. I assume you can find them in the 2015 June/July sale when that one hits 80%.
I did actually pick up a pair of high CPs for ~AUD120 on Oki-Ni. Just got lucky but it does happen. 
Man I do love this thread sometimes.
Maybe just a personal preference. I've worn my FEIT sneakers quite a few times and the leather laces just seem so rigid and tight. Also, they leave little leather shavings which is annoying...
Just one thing. The leather shoelaces that come with many models are insanely impractical (who knew). 
 I bought a pair the last time this seller listed FEIT on eBay. And while the shoes did come a little scuffed, they were more or less 'as new'. 
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