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Keep the M and get back to the gym.
The side pockets are flat and slanted!
Having been blessed with a behind fit for a Brazilian bikini model I have a hard time finding a pair of pants that actually aren't too tight. Recently I had a pair of trousers made by a tailor and I could use some feedback.     They are comfortable as hell but I'm a bit worried about the behind, should I be or am I just being silly?
Exactly what is the difference between PT01's slim fit and bespoke fit? The bespoke fit seems a tiny bit slimmer. Has anyone got any information on this?
Regarding another matter on the Drake's knit ties, they're advertised as being 7cm at width, strangely every one of my four knit ties are roughly 5.8cm at their widest. Has anyone else noticed this?
Would a pair of  77% cotton and 23% linen trousers work with a unlined sportcoat in washed cotton? Not only would it work, would it look good? In terms of texture and so forth.
Having bought a navy 50/50 blend of wool and mohair sport coat intended for use during the summer I know find myself in a predicament. I don't know what to go for in terms of pants! Fabric that is, ordinary cotton? Linen? Cotton-linen blend? Wool? What goes best with a wool-mohair blend? Any other suggestions?   Edit: I'm going for something relaxed and Italian.
Regarding lapel pins and boutonnières as seen on sportcoats from L.B.M. 1911, Lardini, Isaia and Tombolini. Keep or remove?
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