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I prob couldnt get a better deal than that...does the size look alright with dress pants?
I like both of those but would they look too wide with dress pants?
pm sent
Bought a pair the Walnut Strands and am looking for a reasonably priced belt to got with them.  I'd be wearing these with dress pants as well as jeans and ideally have one belt that would work for both.  1" seems too small (lgc dress belts generally this size) and 1.5" a bit big (ae belts).     I'm still looking at Leather Goods Connection as an option...will their "work belt" (1.25") be suitable and if so, would you go with tan or medium brown as best match for the...
Older noob here.  I'm about a 33 waist normally and looking at apc ns but am open if there are better suggestions.  I'm on the thinner side of a 'normal' build.   I'm looking for more of a trim fit but not 'tight' where I can still tuck a shirt in if needed.   Is ns the best option and if so what size should I try?  Will be buying online as there are no stores nearby.
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