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Does an item manufactured in Canada, but bought and shipped from an EU retailer to the US avoid duties through NAFTA?   Guess I'm asking if it's the item's origin of manufacture or shipped location that matters?    
DR2013 in queue at a year and some months... but still have faith since I'd absolutely wait two years for this jacket again.  
5'11 175 lbs
Yes, still available. Here are a few more quick pictures I just took:  
 x-post... Went with mustard after nicelynice's passionate defense. Love it, so soft and comfy.
Sacai/aa/silent/rick/rick/round face/starter home 
 Here's a crappy pic of my MA-1, about 7 months in... Shoulders are 0.5" wider, body length maybe 1 to 0.5" longer, and sleeves are an extra 2" long from what I usually wear... Sized that way on purpose, but up to you on how big a cluster it is. I do feel sometimes that the shoulders are too wide. 
TOJ0 2013 with gray body, black lamb sleeves. Size 50 body, 48 body length, 52 sleeve length.   Tried on a few times, never worn out. Great jacket, but I realized I won't really wear this over my A-2 and MA-1. I'll throw in a TOJ tote if you really want it too.   Thanks for looking!
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