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  I don't know how to articulate it. So stiff that after walking around all day this would be a relief?     Gonna take some work...
Ah, I see. Yeah, that would bother me too being so excessive. The ones I have are scarred / textured lightly more like the left boot, but only on the heels and right front toe.   I don't feel bad for you though considering you got those S49Ms at the same time .
Post 100! This is when I decide drop crotch is the best thing since sliced bread, right?  
  They're A1923 Culatta Dual Zips   Yeah, but I think these are the ones Uzairh returned because of the reverse texture on the back shaft, and you thought were too stiff to live with (sidezip version)
Thanks, new from third party. Wanted the Kudu from archive except I have an aversion to full retail...   Stiff as hell, but     Some guy was asking about horse double zips... These are 45 and I don't think I could go smaller. There's a decent amount of room up front but my toes would probably be too pinched if they went further. Also, I have wide feet. I wear 44 cp (snug), 44 KVA, 10 Lanvin, 12 Nike/Adidas/Asics.
This thread is awful...     for my wallet. I would like to ban myself from this thread before worse happens. Some linen over leather lace ups sound nice though... poop.
Nooo... Looks like my Galaxy Note II is doomed. Keys it is. 
Lebron setting up his grand return in 2014, and his attempt to erase any remaining bad karma...
Thanks, DRKSHDW waxed cargos. They deflect dog hair really well.
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