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  Young, Crawford, Blatche, McGee auuuuguhhhghgh *claws eyes out*. You have no idea what you are asking.  
  Should I keep at $240? Dunno if my feet are too wide. Looks funny from my POV; wide at ankle and tapers into narrow point. Will the toe box stretch at all?
The silliness was a selling point for me...
Pff just slap a $20 LED strip light on and call it a day.
BMW is trying to use lasers soon. Frickin' laser beams!
Ah, thought you just wanted to be seen. Shouldn't you be driving like, an SVT Raptor or something then? Audi/Merc/BMW/Lexus SUVs just give me the vibe of "Distracted Soccer Mom and/or Trophy Wife". If anything I'm more aggressive driving around them because if I don't take the initiative, they're going to do something stupid.   Douche and Bully to me = Diesel truck with smoke stacks / Hummer / Range Rover / G-Wagen if you wanna stay Merc.
  Vicious cycle. You only want "road presence" because of other idiots driving monstrous cars. Bleh. If only America could all scale back to compact hatches, wagons, and coupes so I can drive my Mini and Boxster without constantly being afraid a dude on a cell phone in a Suburban is going to run me over.
Well, he said he'd go higher if he was blown away by something. No clue what that entails but I think an extra $2k over budget is worth it. $31k is kinda crazy for a GTI... at that point I'd just get the R.
  Base GTI is 24k. You can probably walk out with that price including taxes tags and fees after haggling, depending on location.
Maybe look at the VW Golf, or for a couple K more you could get a GTI. If you can wait about a year the new Golf is coming out, which was already named World Car of the Year. Alternatively, you could use that as a chance to try and grab the outgoing model cheap.   The Mazda 3 redesign is next year too if that's all that's holding you back. Look to the Mazda 6 for an idea of the Kodo style. I think it looks really good. Honda Fit is fun too.
New Posts  All Forums: