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Shot in the dark... Model: Service Boot Last: 110 Leather: Natural CXL roughout Tongue: Black Unicorn roughout Eyelets: 7 Gunmetal Sole: Large black ripple Notes: Stitchdown, Partially structured, Plain toe, Black laces
Well, owning only one pair of Vibergs didn't last long, as you all warned me... Doesn't seem like the 3sixteen mini ripples are going to be made again at least any time soon, so I went with the Up There Store 110 buffalo scouts. The product pics always looked a bit off to me so I was leery at first, but every on foot shot I saw looked amazing so I pulled the trigger and couldn't be happier. Up There Store customer service is awesome and they literally shipped halfway...
@Metranger8694, Lost and found is doing a plain toe moose rough out 1035 service on dainite. 3sixteen has a 2040 service black oil rough out on the stacked white mini ripple. Everyone buy this so they agree to restock Viberg is going to release a moose rough out scout on black mini ripple I think but from the Instagram looks like gy welted? 2030 service seems to fit the hole. Not a fan of leather sole and 9 eyelets though so off to begging 3sixteen for a restock in my...
Wanted the black mini ripple bad. My size the only one sold out. Haven't heard back about possible order. Stuck at work till 11. Have to work on holiday weekend.
Haha yeah, true. I look super stiff. I'll call it progress pic day 1 and check back in 6 months.
Yup! Was hesitant considering they have an almost full run of carried styles and other stockists all seem sold out instantly... But with vat removed and free shipping the price is on par and the customer service was good.
Mocha oil tan, 2030 last, size 11.5. Width is perfect, little long in the toebox but I prefer some wriggle room in my footwear and there is no heel slip. Fits a tad bit bigger to me than Common Projects Achilles in 45, Lanvin captoes in 11 UK. Fits about the same as CP suede bball hi, Rick Owens Geobaskets / Ramone lows in 45. Nike, MMM lows, Raf lows are all a bit too snug for me in 12/45. I run in Merrell trail gloves size 12 and my toes pretty much touch the...
Does an item manufactured in Canada, but bought and shipped from an EU retailer to the US avoid duties through NAFTA?   Guess I'm asking if it's the item's origin of manufacture or shipped location that matters?    
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