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Thanks for the insights. Glad I went with the double fold, they're beautiful. Thanks to the archive too for all the info. I feel really bad but the price gap was just too huge.  
  or     And does anyone know how the classic one fits? I know the double fold is TTS. Thanks.
Damn, looking at Brad brings on some serious high school nostalgia... Gackt, L'Arc, X Japan and hide, and way too much FF7... Wait I still love that stuff. Gonna bust out the PS to Endless Rain now.
Is there an advantage to a derby over a boot in the same style? Whenever I want to buy a derby if I see a boot version I think "it doesn't cost that much more..." 
Hope Curry is OK. Danny Green killing him though... 2-19 with Green guarding him.
I may need more drawstrings.  
  I don't know how to articulate it. So stiff that after walking around all day this would be a relief?     Gonna take some work...
Ah, I see. Yeah, that would bother me too being so excessive. The ones I have are scarred / textured lightly more like the left boot, but only on the heels and right front toe.   I don't feel bad for you though considering you got those S49Ms at the same time .
Post 100! This is when I decide drop crotch is the best thing since sliced bread, right?  
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