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It feels as if cyborg receives a new jacket every week, whereas I have been waiting an eternity and a half  . One can only live vicariously so long before breaking.
Haha, they have their crazy moments, but overall aren't especially active. One of our neighbors has a shiba and they can only keep up for like 20 mins before giving up an trying to escape. When my wife and I take them jogging, after about 2-3 miles they just find the nearest tree and collapse, refusing to move.
Blurry update of my puppy (left). He is now larger than and attempting to phagocytose my other dog.   
Thanks for putting this together, Fok and crew. Tank is great, little on the fence about the cropped sleeve hoodie, maybe a tad small?     Doggie grew bored of my vanity. No help at all.
I would like my jacket lined in samgyeopsal please.
Maybe Navy/Gray? The Navy/Black is listed as having Black ribbing. Navy/Gray is Navy ribbing.
Maybe like 0.5 cm longer than a 44 Cp. Can't quantify diff from 45 haven't measured but a bit shorter. Probably between 44 and 45 Cp. 
It's my avant-garde flash. Cropped out but the end is really just a skull and crossbones. 
At least for the captoes, the 10UK are about the same width if not a tad narrower than an achilles in 45... But it's less forgiving because of the stitch where the patent meets the suede. If your pinky toe is smushed still in a 45 Cp you may want to go up. 
New Posts  All Forums: