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No problem. It's a TOJ, which I guess is basically Falcon Garments now. No guarantee it's exactly the same, not sure what went on with the pattern carryover. They have an affiliate thread on here you can check out though. Avoid the TOJ one at all costs.
Is this too small? I'm a bit confused as this is a size 50 with 19" shoulders and 21.5" chest, but instead of dropped shoulders it looks tighter than my jacket with 18.5" shoulders and 22" chest. I like how it feels overall and it's only a tad more constricting (calf vs lamb?), but it doesn't seem to be the intended fit most go for.    vs   [[SPOILER]]
They look great, any more pics? Got coyote / black wf on order and can't wait. It'll be three weeks tomorrow and getting antsy but I know they're super busy and I promised not to send any more emails 😅.
Can check out most of it on my artist's site:
Since I went to the effort of taking pictures for the Viberg thread... [[SPOILER]]
Congrats to the chukkas. I will have to be satisfied with my 110 scout, which I sized down half from my 2030 service. Oh dear, I seem to have forgotten to crop the photo... Jk of course the makeups are all cool just don't know if they fit me.
Because many may not venture into the heartless wasteland of robotic fit posters that is WAYWT, nor do I blame you. But this is my last gasp effort before moving into the stage of bitter disappointment and resentment.
 Fact: Women (and dogs) love natural CXL roughout boots with unicorn roughout tongues on large black ripple soles. And this, in the mere poor presence of a photo-chopped approximation. Imagine the genuine article. Throngs of lusty women before you, heaving themselves upon the buttery nap cradling your feet. A legion of loyal, loving companions padding behind in the wake of your rippling tread. What more is there to life? Your $20 vote does not only give you $40 towards the...
Boring work fit, couldn't fit shoes. Oh, but look. I just happened to be browsing a sweet pair of boots (off the clock of course). They're a Viberg StyFo GMTO that you can vote for and get here ? What a coincidence!
Now that you guys got the 110 sizing down, it's time for an awesome 110 boot! Shot in the dark... Model: Service Boot Last: 110 Leather: Natural CXL roughout Tongue: Black Unicorn roughout Eyelets: 7 Gunmetal Sole: Large black ripple Notes: Stitchdown, Partially structured, Plain toe, Black contrast stitching, Black laces Going to be sweet, I promise. Unique yet still versatile, and get you some of that amazing unicorn leather to boot! You're not gonna find this anywhere...
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