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Rick Owens Drkshdw Cargo Pants in Dust Excellent condition, worn only once Waist unstretched - 15" Stretched - 18" Rise - 13.75" Inseam - 32"
For something completely different... Truman
 Ghost of Falcon's past, AA, Silent, Rick, Rick
Put together an album of my Trumans that I took on vacation, if anyone is interested: http://imgur.com/a/fL0VJ
Quick snap. Want to take more pictures later but had to share as I love these boots. Coyote rough out, black waxed flesh tongue and heel tab, hack ripple soles. Got them on Monday, took them Wednesday as my only footwear on a trip from Prague to Amsterdam. Pretty big risk, but these required no break in and are my most comfortable footwear including sneakers. No clue how but it's true. Vince has the best customer service ever. Soles were a pain to source and apparently...
No problem. It's a TOJ, which I guess is basically Falcon Garments now. No guarantee it's exactly the same, not sure what went on with the pattern carryover. They have an affiliate thread on here you can check out though. Avoid the TOJ one at all costs.
Is this too small? I'm a bit confused as this is a size 50 with 19" shoulders and 21.5" chest, but instead of dropped shoulders it looks tighter than my jacket with 18.5" shoulders and 22" chest. I like how it feels overall and it's only a tad more constricting (calf vs lamb?), but it doesn't seem to be the intended fit most go for.    vs   [[SPOILER]]
They look great, any more pics? Got coyote / black wf on order and can't wait. It'll be three weeks tomorrow and getting antsy but I know they're super busy and I promised not to send any more emails 😅.
Can check out most of it on my artist's site: http://davewah.com/section/128721-Tattoos.html
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