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Yeah, If you really wanted to. They're just attached by prongs on the star tips but you'll have little holes.
Ended up with a Schott 519, which just might be the best jacket I've owned
From lucky brand. They have a flat 50% off then additional 10% with newsletter sign up. No lucky brand branding anywhere on the jacket that I can see either.
Always wanted to try a DR but avoided them because I'm pretty stocky. Picked up a Schott in lamb suede to try out since it was only $360. Worth keeping? Feel like it's slightly too large but I kind of like it...      
These cuffs seem kind of thick.   What do you guys think? Not too bad, right?   o(╥﹏╥)o
Junya Jcrew Momotaro Viberg I'm the office hobo that can't afford a whole jacket...
 It's thick, heavy, warm, fuzzy, soft, and useless vs rain. 
Probably the wrong guy to ask. Never been a fan of sleek, all black sneakers. Feel like they look really unbalanced on me, maybe because I'm pretty bulky.
Yeah, I actually changed to black pants (last one) but liked how the colors came out in the first pic
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