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DR2013 in queue at a year and some months... but still have faith since I'd absolutely wait two years for this jacket again.  
5'11 175 lbs
Yes, still available. Here are a few more quick pictures I just took:  
 x-post... Went with mustard after nicelynice's passionate defense. Love it, so soft and comfy.
Sacai/aa/silent/rick/rick/round face/starter home 
 Here's a crappy pic of my MA-1, about 7 months in... Shoulders are 0.5" wider, body length maybe 1 to 0.5" longer, and sleeves are an extra 2" long from what I usually wear... Sized that way on purpose, but up to you on how big a cluster it is. I do feel sometimes that the shoulders are too wide. 
TOJ0 2013 with gray body, black lamb sleeves. Size 50 body, 48 body length, 52 sleeve length.   Tried on a few times, never worn out. Great jacket, but I realized I won't really wear this over my A-2 and MA-1. I'll throw in a TOJ tote if you really want it too.   Thanks for looking!
How about zero leg definition whatsoever  
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