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Might jump on the CS100x in 33; if I don't PM you by tomorrow night....wife will have said no Probably not a good idea to have more than one pair of jawnz at a time.EDIT: Votes TBM very nice fit!
.....Found sneakers that I've been after for months from prodirectselect...stuff supergas! Thanks a lot, been looking for decently priced Diadora Heritage sneakers for a long, long time!
^Where'd you grab those Superga's Kayhill? Their Australian website seems to have closed down and buying from overseas is about a $30 markup from the 60 or so they where sold here for, beat my pair to shit over the summer and looking to grab another for a vacation in June.
^There's a video up on "IPF Fan page' on Facebook if you haven't seen a vid yet conceptionist, my friend just posted it to our gyms page:
I think they would be a bit to full for your liking, looking at your preferences through your 'Chino Journey'. Best thing to do is get to a DJs, Myer or RL that stocks them and try them on (Preston is everywhere in Melbourne, but not too sure about NSW).
I find them priced well, but the friends who I went with have experience with international Uniqlo's and said that price was quite hefty; in my opinion really nice for the price:-nice fit, boxy but not overly so-thick ribs, don't seem like they'll stretch out to badly-just wish grey would arrive soon
^Selfedge, Superdenim as well as Ironhearts UK distribution chain. For cheapsies be sure of your size and hit up Rakuten.   PSA: Uniqlo has crewneck sweatshirts in store (bit pricey at $40) but not online (no greys though), picked up one in a deep navy today.
I wouldn't buy weightlifting shoes if you aren't oly lifting or at the very least squatting, for it would be a waste of money. I'd try using a lacrosse ball (or whatever small torture instrument you have) on the soles of you feet to see if you can work any tightness away.
Weak off the floor has always been the opposite for me; it's always been weak quads or bad use of 'leg drive.'
That feeling when you get a 'Please review your purchase' email before the shirts have been shipped :(
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