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Conceptionist, do you train with Eddie Berglund? If so WTactualF at his ROM! God damn his got a bright future since his bench is so frigggin high already! Just needs to get his SQ and DL up and he'll have a good chance at winning juniors and someday open. Mate (JP) who lifted against him this year has a povo bench at 110 but made up for it with his DL and managed to take the junior title and open wr, congrats to Eddie for his open record bench too!   Edit: Good to see an...
Been away for a while but back with some powerlifting porn of one of the guys from my gym; pulled 600lbs at 145lbs at IPF Worlds (late on the video, need to get an instagram):
If you guys can guarantee this im definitely in! Props to you for getting on top of your orders to Luxire!
Hahaha; remember watching this when I first started posting on SF Foxy:
^RHD is also in Melbourne (don't know if they can hem here though), uptherestore also does hemming but I think you might have to wait a bit to collect; would just go with Zenon.
Heard the Harrold's outlet at Crown is having a sale; can anyone speak about the stock?
Concept- Was just joking around; I know you're into drug-tested PL and I was more talking on the lines of Thor Bjornnson and Strongman
Great job Concept! Just realised how fucking tall you're and I whole heartedly agree on the comments that where thrown around some months ago about you getting on dat dere and becoming an Ice Giant!
You could try out some sneakers with some extra padding like PF Flyers (pretty much converse with far better padding), or you could go with the running shoes worn casually look (I'm sure a cleaner pair would look fine).
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