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^That is stunning; for online mtm really outstanding! Also agree with EFV shoulders look fine and a slightly extended shoulder adds to the masculinity of that coat in my opinion.
I'm pretty sure Lachy has; give him a PM. Btw the collar on Mr. Gupta's shirt is great!
First time checking this thread in a long time so went on a thumbs spree; god suede is beautiful...... Time to get some suede protector to wear mine through the winter! (Southern Hemisphere problems)
Definitely faded, if you've got a Gap nearby you should have a try on.
Sorry for the late reply. Grabbed mine for $85 from Chadstone; have forgotten if it was on sale though (it's called the 'fatigue jacket', sure they wouldn't mind if you gave them a ring).Loled hard at handbag comment; sorry foxy
Nah only have a pair of SBD elbow sleeves, might have to borrow some form a friend and see if they help. Indesertum- If you have a leg press machine and/or a ham curl use those combined with dumbbells for goblet squats; even if legpress may not be 'functional' it will do more for your legs than dumbells will so go with that followed by goblet and hamcurls. But ultimately try get some more equipment  EDIT: Ho lee fuk!!!
The M65 that Rob has is at Gap at the moment, is quite good for the price and it fit me well enough so went ahead and bought myself one. Thanks for the very early heads-up Rob :)
Indesertum-Hey man; if you could it would be helpful to know what equipment you have at your disposal at your gym/home. Though in the long run you will get far greater benefit from going to a gym with a decent range of equipment.If you have nothing besides dumbbells, bench with them, shoulder press with them,db row with them....whatever; if you have a pullup bar just continue to get better at them (if you dont have one get one, you can find them pretty cheap; or make your...
Payed for not keeping up with this thread today by finding out Righ Hand Distributions is in Melbourne; for those also outta the loop: http://www.broadsheet.com.au/melbourne/fashion/directory/shop/right-hand-distribution
Haha, completely understand the chambray increase; bought it in a shacket months ago and it is extremely nice. Probably just a lack of stock though.
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