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  Lurker butting in here real quick, but this was posted a few days ago and no one ever responded to it. Wouldn't that be an insane find if it was real??
Rhode Island has some really pretty towns as well. Check out Newport, the mansion walk there is really something else. Huge houses and cliffs along the ocean, whats not to like?
      Seems like its >10k to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 
  you should keep it, that thing is awesome
Grabbed this Brioni double breasted jacket yesterday. Tagged 42L, measurements below. Available   [[SPOILER]]
Pair of white Allen Edmonds shoes at the pocal Goodwill in some style I have never seen before. They looked like a buck, but they definitely weren't suede or any material I could recognize. It was more like a gauze type cloth. Inside said ostendo cushioned heel. From what google tells me it seems to be an older shoe, but these things looked like they were very rarely worn of at all
  tie picssssssssssss 
  thats the one
Grabbed a Ludlow suit jacket in navy on final sale for 200
  Picked up a nice Gucci tie the other day at a local thrift store
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