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To clarify, the Peay seemed sweet only when compared to the other 5 wines. Tasting it in isolation did not show this (at least to me, and I'm not an expert taster.)
I too have liked Peay, in fact I've visited their wine production facility which was a great experience. This bottle was from the Pomarium vineyard, a first for me. The difference was only noticeable in side by side comparison with the other 5 wines, all of which had a very different taste profile.
The Peay was a lighter style. No earthiness, instead a very bright taste, even after a couple of hours. After drinking the others and then circling back to the Peay, it was almost candy sweet. I was really surprised as in the past I have liked Peay, but a side by side comparison can be very revealing. This tasting was assembled to expand my horizons into top notch Sonoma and good burgundies. BTW all the wines came from Amanti Vino in Montclair, NJ and they were great help...
Just discovered this thread. Remnants from a pinot tasting this weekend. 5 were excellent, except for Peay which was a different style and not as enjoyable.
Working for a living us interfering with my keeping up with this blog.I have rarely used cream. Can't seem to avoid it rubbing off on my pants. I know j need more work on this.Mostly Reno then wax, with touch ups of Renonow and then.BTW also did an old briefcase on Reno to restore it, and when it gets wet it gets blotchy too. Will stick with lexol from now on (me and you Patrick)
I've discovered that my Saphir waxed and reno kept shoes get horrible white blotches on them when they get wet and then dry. Reminds me of getting a ring stain from a glass on a waxed piece of furniture. I've been vigorously brushing to remove. Sometimes put more Reno or saphir lotion to "smush" the wax around and start over. Should I just live with this and try to avoid getting shoes wet? Or am I doing something wrong in application? Is there a better repair strategy...
Patrick, How would you Lexol condition shoes that are already nicely (Saphir) polished? I find the Lexol doesn't soak in on well polished shoes and instead just sits on top like an oily mess. BTW I did Lexol lighter colored shoes first instead of Reno after Reno ruined the finish on a walnut pair of nice Santoni loafers.
Recently got some rutledges on sale from the shoe bank. There was something different and I'm not sure it's part of their normal design. When I walk the shoes make a 3 part sound as I place my foot...first the back of the heel, then the front if the heel, and then the sole. Very noticeable when walking on a hard floor. I placed them on a flat surface and studied them. I noticed that when I pushed down on the back of the shoe the shoe "rocked" and the sole lifted about...
I decided to bring the pants to Brooks Brothers Madison Ave store as it's BB suit. $65 to recut the pants - a steal if they do a good job.   Let's hope...
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