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After reviewing my priorities... I am in until April.
 Your forgot :-) 1. Baseball caps2. Fanny packs3. Clothing bearing the names of American sport teams
 Looks good to me. 
 You are good. If the neck is a bit loose, then a few SF forum members—about 0.0000000005 of world's population—will notice. If it is too tight, then you will feel it every day. 
Here is a simple answer: Do not do it and get a jacket that fits.   Leather has been treated, then cut and then sewn into the jacket. By shrinking leather with water, heat guns, or any other methods, you're undoing the treatment process. There is no telling what will happen! Nobody can tell you how much leather will shrink and what damage you'll do to it. And there will be at least some damage.   Leather jackets must fit snug initially. Then they conform to one's body...
Why do I need to login/create an account on step #3, sizing? I get it—you probably want to know my email, but this freaking UX anti-pattern is killing the web; please make it stop :-) Is it not possible to create a site w/o trackers? (Goes for Styleforum, too!)   Even with the items above, you probably have one of the best sites for custom shirtmaking. Good luck!
 What's not to love here? This Duoface model is fantastic for those of us who travel. A less dressy strap can make this watch a great companion for casual outfits. 
 Yeah, you can actually wear them. I am seriously considering pairing down to only dress watches that are 35-37mm in size. If I cannot hide it under a sleeve, it is probably not a watch I want to wear unless I am using a GSP device for hiking or a dive computer for adventures of scuba variety. 
 Man, what do you do in Fresno area dressed up like that? Just curious... This multi-layer outfit is super awesome!
 34 may shrink down to about 32 in length. 
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