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 The if this is indeed an indication of a future date change, as indicated in the prior post, then Omega has a lot of learning to do. Here is how Glashutte Original handles date change: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KPsiKoyJ-yk
 Given the comeback the industry has seen over the last decade or so, the correction is due. My take? Prices, quality and exclusivity will go up. The number of watches produced per year will go down. We may like high-quality mechanical timepieces on this forum, but a significant percentage of the world's population still lives on less than 2$ per day.
^ The liquid metal PO is stunning.
 Breitling? WTF.
 The movie has become an expensive ad for the masses. I am sorry, but I burst in laughter when I see people trying to imitate "Bond style" or whatever the fuck that is. With the last Bond, turtlenecks and Nato straps have just met their end. To the producers--would you please make Bond wear Crocs in the next installment. I wish you could squeeze him into yoga pants, but that would be too much.
It is hard to tell you what you should do, but if I were in your shoes, I'd choose this:   (b) use the money to start a business & spend next 4-6mths building a business plan   If you go back to the "corporate teat" what do you expect? I'd take time off and then jump straight to the business plan. If everything else fails, at least you can go back to the corporate teat with some stories to tell.
With a red Sub you can pretty much wear whatever you want :-) I stand corrected, the vintage variety gets a pass.
NATO straps are overplayed. So are cheesy movie tie-ins and product placements.
Excellent used condition. Washed a few times. No rips, stains. The pants are sized 36 in waist and about 35 in length. The actual waist measurement is closer to 17" as seen in the pic. Shipping $10 for CONUS.
New Posts  All Forums: