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 You probably bought a wrong size. Until I found this forum, I used to get the crappiest shoes from the cheapest places I could find. Thus, I could never wear those shoes for more than a few hours. After learning to try on shoes based on fit (as opposed to using the size as the main gauge) I have changed my perspective. The sole (I prefer crepe) with a suitable amount of free room make my chukkas and Indy boots as comfortable as Converse. The sad thing is that it took me a...
Have you tried to succeed academically in this class? If the answer is yes, then nothing else matters.
I recommend a nice gun while you're at it :-0
 Alden can make any shoe you want, provided that you order through a retailer.  Typical choices include leather, commando or plantation crepe sole. Commando sole is a bit utilitarian and if you want to get something dressy but comfortable, go with a plantation crepe. Example:  This sole is a standard for Alden walker shoes, but if you go through Leather Soul or Leffot, they may be able to create a custom order for you.
Sad, but the world is becoming the same everywhere. When I travel for business, I am pretty much exposed to the same contingent of people decorated with the same luxury brands. Burberry scarves, LV bags,  Rolex watches. It is almost like people are taken to school when they reach a certain amount of disposable income. After a quick crash course on what is hot they get decorated to the same boring standard. Meh :-(
 Wow. This looks stunning. Perhaps this model will me make come back to the brand... Although I'd love to see more decoration on the movement.
 This is a good reply. Ultimately, a person who does not get watches should not be here. Moreover, when it comes to spending habits pouring money into watches of a certain variety is not a bad way to spend loot compared to other options.
 I would not say that you missed it. This thread (as well as forums dedicated solely to watches) are full of the crowd that is remarkably obsessed with "tool" watches.
Relationship is the key. Good luck to them.
 I love this combo.
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