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Why do you think that you need size 10 in Alden? 
Judging by today's tastes, get a Panerai.   Oh, wait the budget is $150 and you're actually aware of the wrist size... Check out Timex. Their "weekender" or "original" series are not bad looking and the size is pretty decent by today's standards (around 38mm).   Whatever you do, do not get sucked into the "big and bold" trend of today. 
 In my opinion, Panerai is too bulky and way too gaudy, especially in settings that require a suit.  What else do you have in mind? 
 +1 for ditching the commute.  I have a rule -- I refuse to commute for more than 30 mins each way. I arrange my working hours and jobs accordingly. I may limit my options in terns of earning more $, but having an option to be home early, go to the gym and enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning is priceless.  
Stay. Do a good job.  Write down all your ideas and then socialize them.     If you are still in the same position a year from now, start looking elsewhere.    Note, if you really want to double the revenues cost cutting may not be enough. Start looking into development of new products, propose a new business model, etc.  If the current company does not take any of this, start your own or find a new employer. 
Bail.    Cooking books and scamming people out of their hard earned money is simply not worth your precious time on this planet.  Money, titles and flashy cars come and go, but you stay with yourself forever.
Ditch the money trail. See, if money defines who you are, then what happens to you when the markets crash, you get laid off and your bank account is on empty? The money is now gone, but your body and conscious are still there.  Also, money is like a drug.  A bigger paycheck will stimulate you but only to a point.  Then you want more and more and more.  Suddenly, you will end up like that person your parents and teachers warned you about. 
BB is solid in my book.    Their ties and accessories can be found at affordable prices and the quality, while not the best, is reliably above the average compared to what you'd find at J.Crew and the likes.
This sweater is brand new and it has not been worn at all.  
First of all, don't rush to judge the length of the shirt/sleeves until you wash it several times. Shirts/pants tend to shrink in length.   Secondly, you do not want your shirts to be too tight, especially if you spend a lot of time wearing a jacket on top of it, like you probably will do in Japan.  In fact, when I go to Japan, I take my "I can spend a day in this shirt under a jacket and it will still be comfortable" shirts :-) Quite a few of SF's readers are obsessed...
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