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This technique saved my professional life and I highly recommend it to anybody who struggles with time management or has ADD. I used to have a timer on my desk, but then I started drinking coffee during my buddies' coffee brakes. Works like a charm. 
What has happened to you was highly unethical. It may ruin your relationship with your current boss, but things are salvageable in the long term.    Many moons ago I was a young buck in the same position. I got nailed on a performance review for basically not showing loyalty to the team due to my lame attempt to jump the ship. My boss and I talked and things settled down with time. However, it was established that my career path with the current organization won't...
 +1 Yeah... If I were your boss, I would not counteroffer. Money is an exceptionally bad motivator and if you don't jump the ship today, who says that you won't do it tomorrow? Even if they give you a nice raise, what are they supposed to do the next year? Give you another juicy raise as well? If you commit to a new opportunity, pull the plug on the old one. 
Yeah... Avoid HR.   First of all, they're swamped with applications, as everybody with even remote qualifications applies. Secondly, HR folks probably do not know the intimate details of your qualifications, so explaining nuances may be a challenge to them. Finally please consider the fact that in the interconnected world it is probable that the company has already selected a candidate and they may be posting the position in order to comply with the company's standards....
Oh and do not forget that details other than the furniture count. Unless you finished your condo yourself, everything from power outlets to paint to doors to switches to kitchen equipment is shit. Thus, if you want to have a truly nice pad, you gotta re-do everything either yourself or by hiring the folks who know how to do quality work. Interestingly enough those people do not appeal to the price sensitive crowd.
Stay out of debt and live a little.  You're at this age when investing in experiences, as opposed to investing in things, will pay off dramatically in the future.    Oh, and don't forget to wrap it. Unplanned babies won't be good for either your account or your soul. 
 GLD--make it 5% of your portfolio and hope this fraction never goes up. Funds I am sitting on--only index based with less than 0.10% in fees. 
 Okay, so try a different brand. Have you heard of Alden, Edward Green, Church's, John Lobb and the likes?  You may be experiencing a culture-style shock. Just like most members on this forum may question your taste in shoes as you've stated in the original post, you question the completely new-to-you style of traditional American footwear. 
Why would Park Avenues the be the only choice? 
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