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+1Also, do not wear tight shoes.
My weight loss is your gain. This sweater retailed around $600. Worn twice. Now it is a bit too big for me. No pulls or any defects. A perfect sweater for winter lounging. Shipped for free CONUS. Note this is not Purple Label. But the sweater is purple/eggplant.
Your heart is in the right place. The market you are about enter is tough with many contenders offering great values. So my question to you is simple: what is your unique proposition?
Bought brand new last year and never wore it.    $80, free shipping CONUS.   No returns.  
Just wanted to say thank you to the vendor. The life expectancy of my wardrobe has increased once I replaced whatever sh*t I collected over the years with proper garment accessories and care products!
What's options does Carmina offer for re-crafting?
There are a few shops. I am not affiliated with any of them.- The Hound (San Francisco)- The Alden Store (San Francisco)- Unionmade Goods (San Francisco), mostly street wear- Sam Malouf (Burlingame)- Brogue (Menlo Park)- Khakis of Carmel (Carmel by the Sea)- Robert Talbott (Carmel by the Sea)You also have flagship stores for the major brands and a few tailors in the city.As a transplant from New England, I find that Bay Area is extremely casual and it takes some time to...
Well said. There are much better places in the Bay Area...
Commando sole is good for NE winters :-)
I have Indies in CXL in the same size and they are not for sale. Lesson learned CXL breaks in better than Cordovan at least on my feet. I got AF 43 in Cordovan thinking "same last, same size, so they will fit." That was wrong.
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