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Unaltered and unwashed. The price includes free CONUS shipping.
Wore once. Never washed or altered. $220 brand new. These measure about 18" across the waist as indicated in the picture. My price includes CONUS shipping.
 The best suit feature in this thread.
This thread delivers.  Subscribed ;-)
These are good on the road. I had no problems and will use them again (even on Cordovan).   As for the chemicals... Have your ever smelled Saphir products? The Reno'Mat cleaner can pretty much clean out a room full of people in seconds :-)
There is nothing wrong with money clips. Cash rules ;-)
Try going 1/2 size down and one size up in width. Works for me for Truebalance last with non-Cordovan leather. Also remember that this is a boot--having a bit more room is good if you want to wear it on a thicker sock.
This bag was gently used and it is in a good condition for the age (about 5-6 years). Please see the photos for more info and let m know if you want to see more detail. I am trying to reduce the number of things I do not use very often and that is the only reason for selling.   The price includes delivery to your door in CONUS. Sorry, no international shipments. I accept PayPal with verified addresses.
 Thread in one. As a person who struggles with finding comfortable shoes, I second this opinion. Ever wear casual shoes and adjust your wardrobe accordingly or go bespoke. 
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