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Tell your HR apparatchiks that "business casual" is an oxymoron invented by sartorially challenged cockbreaths who lack even the slightest touch of imagination required for anyone who wants to be classified as a modern human.   If you want to keep the job, skip the rant and rock it up with casual shoes like Converse or Vans or some other sneaker variety that separates you from the crowds of cogs. You can get away with this while you're still young and once you make it a...
After becoming a full-stack (well almost, UI is not my strongest suit) engineer, I went into business. It was not a switch, but a natural evolution. Now I have to maintain the knowledge of two disciplines. Other than that, things are fine. I highly recommend diversification.
 You've made a right choice. Look, you may not like hearing this, but unfortunately it is the law: In most cases you get what you pay for. Cheap leather jackets are the worst offenders in this case because they feature exceptionally bad leather that is easy to spot, odd designs and, like many clothing items that fall into this category, shady branding association. I am not sure why having some random logos should be appealing to anybody, but apparently companies think that...
 This is a beauty. A classic design from 1970's that will always represent the era in its best light.  Oh, and the sizing is perfect on your wrist. Don't let others tell you otherwise.
 I just threw up in my mouth. Holy fuck this is ugly.
Find a new boss. Can you really tolerate that kind of bs for a long time? If so, it may say a thing or two about you.
 This is a valid concern. Have you tried applying to patent law firms without a JD? They need patent engineers and with an EE degree you may be well qualified. As you work, perhaps you'll realize that this is not for you and jump the boat. The fallback is stuff like criminal, family law or immigration. A buddy of mine switched from finance to family law... He likes it, but he works a lot. And some cases just suck.
If these are the only options, I'd look into a JD. I have dealt with IP lawyers and if you establish yourself, it is a nice gig. Learn how to live on modest means and you may not have to work 80 hour weeks to make the ends meet. With a technical background you may get an upper hand due to your knowledge of systems, etc.   I've decided against an MBA for a variety of reasons. I am pursuing something else at the moment, but I don't discount a possibility of going for a JD...
 With Coursera and some text books you should be good to go. I took the same approach and ended up pursuing an advanced degree in economics.  What really helped me was getting my weekends back. Clear up at least 1 day a week for 8-10 hour study and you will be okay. Good luck.
This is pure ecstasy. Please send over the wrist shots.
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