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 Wow. This looks stunning. Perhaps this model will me make come back to the brand... Although I'd love to see more decoration on the movement.
 This is a good reply. Ultimately, a person who does not get watches should not be here. Moreover, when it comes to spending habits pouring money into watches of a certain variety is not a bad way to spend loot compared to other options.
 I would not say that you missed it. This thread (as well as forums dedicated solely to watches) are full of the crowd that is remarkably obsessed with "tool" watches.
Relationship is the key. Good luck to them.
 I love this combo.
 Yes it is. I got a small jar of the same black polish or "Fine Paste Wax" as it is called by Alden. I applied a tiny amount when polishing my boots and it worked like a charm. The thing is... Cordovan is so oily you don't really need it.
 I experienced the same type of "roughness" with Alden shoes. In my case it went away after light brushing and applying a tiny amount of wax. If you have a spare bill, send these over to AE for recrafting and see what they say.
 Assumption is a mother of all fuckups. While I cannot speak for all shoe shining or repair services, I can certify that not everybody I've met knew how to deal with cordovan leather. What you need to do is to ask a question such as: What do you recommend for using on cordovan leather? The answers you'd get may surprise you. If a person says "There is no such thing as 'cordovan black' shoe polish" then you may need to pass :-) One guy I chatted with almost crapped his...
 Way to make a splash! Both of the timepieces are stunning!
You always send one. The goal of your resume is to provide a reference for your work history and some skills. It tells people what you've done. The cover letter tells people why you'd want a job.
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