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You'll be fine staying in downtown Denver.  The Hotel Monaco is great and the restaurant — Panzano's — is also excellent.
Is the 20 year old guy a blind disco-dancing hit man?  Then yes.
Wow - looks great!
Glaser Designs flaptop in chestnut with hand-grained natural leather inside.            
I thought you were getting a Strong Eye briefcase made?  What happened?
As much as I'd like to take credit, it was all Myron's idea.  I told him that I wanted something that would age into a nice patina and he did the rest.  He immediately said that chestnut was the way to go as it would patina the best, then came up with the idea for the natural interior, hand underside, and strap back.  He also did lighter than normal stitching to further enhance the contracts, especially as it ages.  I think they do the dark edges on all the bags, but I'm...
They machine stitch it.  I think that they use so many stitches in the bag that hand-stitching would be cost-prohibitive.  It's definitely a hand-crafted piece though.  I got to spend some time watching them build the bags while out in San Francisco.  All the coloring and graining is done by hand.  Watching Myron hand-roll the leather under 400lbs of weight was quite a sight!
Since I had a little trouble finding images of the new Glaser Designs briefcase style (called the "headhunter"), I thought I'd post a few images of the briefcase I just received.  I must have spent hours looking at every available briefcase style out there before deciding on Glaser Designs.  Working with Myron, Kari, and Ely was a pleasure — I can't imagine being happier with the final result!  The color is so much deeper and richer than I imagined and the feel of the...
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