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Hi, I am interested in 9 UK any last. 500 GBP is fine with me. Thanks a ton in advance.
Hi, I am interested in G&G shoes in UK 9 size. If you have one just let me know.   Cheers
PM Sent
Hi, Had some glitches with my net connection so not sure whether u got my mail yesterday. I  have a clarification with regards to the sizing before we proceed to discuss the price. I normally wear a 90F in Church shoes. Will this Carmina fit me in your opinion?    Cheers, Steve
Hi, normally wear a 90F in Church. Will these fit me? Also If you have any black oxfords pm me. Cheers Steve
Hi, I am looking for an elegant pair of shoes in excellent condition to go with suits. Open to brands like Crockett and Jones, Santoni, Edward Greens, Church etc. Looking for 2 pairs one in Black and the other Tan. In Church I normally wear a 90F. You can send the pics and your price to   Thanks a lot.
Interested in 3 ties the Corneliani, Turnbull & Asser, Polo Ralph Lauren. Please let me know how you want to proceed.
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