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I think I'll do that. Thanks everyone for the help!   Galen
Some Internet sources claim that you can fasten the French cuff "barreled" style as opposed to the "kissing" style for a more casual approach Any opinions on this?  
Thank you for your replies so far. I think I might be able to pull off the cuffs. What about the spread collar sans tie? Some say the collar "rides higher" when worn like this, but I honestly don't know if anyone not paying a lot of attention would notice this.   Galen
Hi   I'm new to the forum and let this be my introductory post.   I just bought some really nice and well fitting shirts from England (I live in Finland and the selection is not that good). However, being unaccustomed to buying shirts, I only noticed at home that the shirts I bought are French cuff. I rarely wear a jacket and tie and would like to wear my shirts more casually, ie. unbuttoned with cufflinks/silk knots with slacks or nice denims. I'm a bit...
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