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I have worn both the Slim Fit Rigids and the Slim Narrow Rigids and I took the same size in both.  I find the rigids in general to be a bit tight and uncomfortably stiff in the first few wears, but they will stretch and soften up with use.  My newer Slim Narrows are breaking in nicely as my older Slim Rigids did with some wear.
It's a great hoodie.  Exterior is a faded/washed out navy and interior has a super soft brushed terry.  It also has a Talon zip which is always cool to find on these pieces.  The navy is lighter in shade then my picture depicts. 
I was eyeing the same coat as soon as I saw the pictures on the RL website and had the same reaction as most when I saw the photo on Mr. Porter.  I then saw this photo on Frans Boone's site and felt a little better about the color possibility.  I'll still wait until I can make it down to my RRL store before deciding to purchase. 
Those are super nice..  I'm happy to see the slim narrows back in raw denim for Fall.  How did you size your waist with these?  Did you go down a size from normal to accomodate any stretching? 
I have a pair of the original Norfolks and 2 pairs of the New Norfolks.  While I found  the sizing to be weird on the original Norfolks (I sized down a 1/2), the New Norfolks fit much better IMO and TTS (i.e. I wear a size 11 in all sneakers, and found that the 11 in the New Norfolk fit me perfectly). 
What season are the olive herringbones from?  I don't recall seeing these.
Nice.  I purchased the same pair, really enjoying them.  Info on the jacket?
So in the description it says "Genuine 13-star engraved anchor buttons", but when you zoom in on the photo the buttons clearly look different from last years...  Hopefully it's just the picture that's wrong.  Anyone seen it in person yet to confirm?
I tried this on in the store and was not impressed at all.  Def not worth anywhere near 1200 IMO.  It's nearly twice the cost of last seasons pea coat for no reason.  I personally like last season's style better, the wool just feels thicker on it, especially in the collar area (has more material) which I like on a pea coat.
Incredible outfit!!
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