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Would someone tell me what last the Elgins were built on? Thanks.
#8 perforated captoe
I wear 9.5D in the Barrie and 10E in the 5 last.
Damn, you certainly don't need my help. Believe it or not, she resists purchases I encourage. I got her a pair of black suede boots last year, wanted her to get another pair in tan. She refused. After seeing the Bordeaux suede, $695, I want her to get those. Of course, maybe if I can get her in $700 boots, I can justify another shell LWB...........
Two words: Ann Taylor
I know, aside from which color, another reason i'm hesitating is I'm not sure I'd wear them that much. I wear a suit almost every day, and I have #8 and cigar LWB for sport coat days. But, I do like them. I'd have to wear them with a suit.
I agree with this. I have the Fifth Street and use it solely with suits. I am likely going to buy a pair of Daltons (debating on the color), but I will wear them with suits and blazers. I know many wear Daltons with jeans, etc., but they seem to be dressy enough for suits. The Portlands meets your described needs best.
What do you guys think happened to these? They wouldn't come from the factory like that. Looks like he tried to make them into bourbon or add burnishing. Ruined a nice walnut wingtip.
I have the brown Strand. Very nice shoe and I really like that color.
Maybe I am not stating it properly, but it's a lighter colored sole often seen on cigar and #8 LWBs and boots. I believe I saw it referred to as an "antique" edge, but I could be mistaken. It would be a similar sole to what is on the walnut Strands.
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