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I'm size 10D and I go up to an E width with the 5 last. Seems to work fine for me.
I am curious about the below listing from eBay. Does anyone know why these soles were used on these shoes? http://www.ebay.com/itm/ALLEN-EDMONDS-Macneil-Navy-Suede-Goodyear-Welt-Oxford-Wingtip-Shoes-10-D-345-/400541107076?pt=US_Men_s_Shoes&hash=item5d421c4384
I also find the 5 last narrow. I have to go from a D width to an E.
I'd go for a dark brown in a 5th Ave or Strand.
Some sellers post the same pair of shoes under two different sizes, at the same time, with a buy it now. Or, if there is bidding, when one of them hits a given bid, they pull the other.With the Barrie, it's not a bad idea to check the auctions 1/2 size above and below.
Since they're double soled they are most likely OK, though they do look like they are fairly well worn. If I were to buy them, I'd want to get them recrafted anyway, which means at $400, you'd have well over $500 in them. I'd just as soon try to find a new pair and the only way I'd go for those would be if I could get them for under $300, or I simply had to have the cigar LWB and there were no other options.I have that shoe and I am glad I do. Sounds like it may be hard...
LObviously, personal preference and need take precedence. I have two 975s, #8 and cigar. If I could have only one Alden shoe, a #8 LWB would be it. I'll eventually get a whiskey or ravello LWB, but for now, I'm very happy with the two I have.I think your solution lies in getting both...........good luck.
I would go with burgundy. My favorite color, but you already have black and brown. After burgundy, walnut.
If it is either/or, I'd go with with the PA if I was wearing them with mostly suits, the walnut Strand if wearing them mostly with jeans.If you are open to other options, I'd consider a merlot, or burgundy, LWB or PTB.
I have the cigar LWB and given the choice between the two, would still go with cigar. I like ravello, but I don't think I would have the occasion to wear them very often, so they're not on the top of my wish list.I believe ravello is more difficult to find, so if you are on the fence in terms of personal preference and you would get equal use from either, I'd go with ravello. You could pick up a cigar later.
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