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Are you referring to where the laces part of the quarter is sown to the vamp?I'm thinking about them, but I like my #8 and cigar LWBs so much I'll probably hold out for a whiskey or ravello LWB. I suppose it may be a long wait.......
Agree with above, definitely too casual for a suit. I'd wear them with a sport coat, navy, herringbone, tweed, with and without a tie.
Are these some sort of special make up? They are part short wing and part long wing: http://www.ebay.com/itm/ALDEN-MENS-WING-TIP-BLUCHER-SHOES-3131-TOBACCO-9-5-B-D-533-/360728869799?pt=US_Men_s_Shoes&hash=item53fd1dbba7
I go up one width in the 5 last. 7 last TTS, same as the 1.
I was at a local store a couple of weeks ago as they were putting their new stock on display. The manager asked me to try some on. $495, made in USA, heavy fabric, well made. I thought they were very nice.
I have a couple and they seem to be holding up well. I make it a point to wear them when the weather is poor, i.e. rain, sleet, slick conditions. I have not needed to send any in for re crafting, but I assume it would be easily accomplished, simply removing and replacing the old rubber sole and heel.
Whoa, guess the mind blocks out painful memories. Good thing my SBA loan to start my practice was a float, 2 points over prime, but still adjusted every quarter, so it dropped. Also, probably a good thing Ronald Reagan took over and lowered taxes. I think, by the time I paid it off, it was down to 13%, which meant I was able to pay it off early as less and less of the payment went to interest.
If I recall correctly, didn't it get as high as 19 3/4?
I am considering purchasing a pair of Daltons for the winter, likely walnut, maybe bourbon. I wear a suit every day. I am wondering how well they would go with a suit. Though I'd just like to have a pair, I would also like to get some regular wear out of them. Any thoughts?
I bought them in both black and dark brown last year when they were talking about discontinuing them. I ended up returning the brown because I couldn't get them to stop squeaking. I really liked the color, but wasn't sure I'd like wearing a boot so I didn't have them replaced. I kept the black which I like quite a bit, just don't wear them much in the hotter weather.I debated getting a dark brown pair, but ended up buying a pair of dark brown Strands. Personally, I...
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