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No, you do not have to order online. I called the local store and ordered through them.
Since it's casual and Denver, Aberdeen because of the mini lug sole and split reverse welt. I might favor a boot however, the Long Branch.
Since you want one in black and brown, I'd get one of each brand, going for whichever brown offering you like best, then the other in black. I wouldn't get shell, as I wouldn't be wearing boots that much due to the warm St. Louis weather in the summer.
Maybe it is simply that the heel is loose? Replacing them might fix it. I had a heel squeak problem with a pair once and that fixed it.
I received an email about the latest web gem, burnished merlot. My favorite color is dark burgundy. I have walnut and dark brown Strands, and have been debating between black Strands and walnut Daltons for my next purchase. Looks as though those will have to wait. Anybody have much experience with the burnished models? I am wondering if the color changes much with time and polishing.
I have also done pretty well with that seller. I think he sells a lot of seconds.
Keep an eye on their web site for specials (they just finished one) and also consider eBay.
What about neats foot oil?
That 's a lot of cash for someone just starting out. I'd get maybe five or six pair to start, black, brown, burgandy and walnut, maybe one Derby. You're on the right path, however. One thing I would do if starting over would be buying quality shoes at a younger age. Take care of them, they'll last longer and be cheaper in the long run.
I like the color very much and think they would look great with a navy suit.
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