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I'd go with the Strand in merlot first. I think the Strand is pretty versatile, and walnut would be fine to wear with your suits at times, just not all the time. The McAllister would be a good alternative. Maybe make that in walnut you second purchase?
Yes, I have several AEs, I wear 10D in the 1 last and 10D in Alden's Hampton last. I have three Strands and one Fifth Street, all 10E and they fit fine. The 5 last is a little narrow and long, and the next time I am at the store I think I'll try on a 9.5E and a 9.5EE in the 5 last just out of curiosity.
I'm also a 10D, but I went with 10E for all 5 last styles, including the fifth street.
It will darken the leather.
Walnut Strand
I think it took about 5, maybe 6, weeks before my burnished merlot Strands webgem arrived. Though not MTO, they were not in stock and were considered a special order. My credit card was charged quickly after placing the order.
I'm going to guess no. I had a pair of Aldens that were a 1/2 size too big (all their lasts make fitting a challenge) and asked if they could recraft them on a smaller last and size down. They said no. Seems as though it would be easier to make a pair smaller than larger, which, I suppose, would require leather that isn't there.
$295, they were a web gem for two weeks at that price. To give the local retailer the business, and to avoid a delivery left on the porch this close to Christmas, I had the store order them for me.
Picked up my web gem burnished merlot Strands today, very nice. The SA told me there were so many web gem orders they added them to the regular line up. I also picked up a belt and a wallet. Looked at the black and bourbon Strands (which would complete my Strand collection), Daltons and the McAdam. Can't justify the McAdam as I have the fifth street in black. He brought out a nice brown suede cap toe (new model, I forget the name). I started contemplating my next...
Purely personal preference. I would go for the LWB, and I have, one of my favorite pair shoes.
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